Sen. Mike Lee Pushes Defund Obamacare Strategy

Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) pushed his defund Obamacare strategy in the Senate on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace.  And the fact is, most Americans are on his side.

To put it simply – most Americans hate Obamacare.  Sen. Lee made clear this opposition spanned demographic, political, and occupational groups of all kinds:

This really isn’t about Republican versus Democrat; it’s not about liberal or conservative.  This is yet another instance of Washington versus everyone else. And we’ve got to stop Washington from dividing the American people; we’ve got to stop Washington from hurting the American people.  That’s what’s happening here. The fact is that Americas, by a margin of about 2 to 1, believe that Obamacare will make their healthcare situation worse, not better.  Only 12 percent support the individual mandate.  Businesses don’t like it.  Individuals hate it.  Union leaders say it will be bad for workers.  And even the law’s principal author in the Senate describes it as a train wreck.  The law’s bad.  The law’s certainly not ready to implement, and we shouldn’t fund it.

Lee also responded to his critics:

Look I understand that there are some in the Washington establishment, some from both political parties who aren’t happy with me over this. And in this instance, I’m going to take that as a complement, an indication that I’m doing something right.  The fact is that we can delay this bill.  Maybe we can’t repeal it right now, but we can delay its funding.  And if we can delay it, we can stop its consequences, at least for now.  And we have to do that.  There were many of us who were elected specifically with this mandate in mind. We’ve got to stop this law.  We have an even stronger reason to do that now, because the President has said he’s not going to enforce it, he’s not ready to enforce it. And so he’s going to selectively implement the law, holding hard working Americans to the fire, subjecting them to these horrendous fines, while simultaneously exempting big business.  That’s not fair.  It’s not right, and we shouldn’t fund that effort.  

Lee is right, this is not a partisan issue – Democrats and Republicans alike oppose it.

He’s right, most Americans hate Obamacare.

He’s right, most people oppose the individual mandate. Being coerced to purchase a certain product, in this case, health insurance isn’t exactly what the Founders had in mind.

He’s right, businesses don’t like Obamacare.

He’s right, even the powerful unions that helped maked Obamacare a reality hate it now.

Conservative lawmakers ought to use the all the tools in their toolbox to ensure the goal is reached because most Americans’ goal is to stop Obamacare in its tracks.  Not only can lawmakers do that, but anything less would be an injustice to all Americans, especially the majority of Americans who oppose Obamacare.

As Lee astutely noted: this is about the Washington Establishment versus America. The only question is who is going to win?

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6 thoughts on “Sen. Mike Lee Pushes Defund Obamacare Strategy

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  5. * sighing *

    I can not put into words how frustrated I am with the union hierarchies. Whether purposefully or in ignorance, union leaders went out of their way to support a law they knew nothing about. They insisted on repeating Democrat talking points and viciously attacked people (even their own members) who pointed out the flaws that existed in the the health law.

    I have received no less than 10 UAW Solidarity newsletters over the past 2 years that explained why we, as UAW members, should support the health care law. It will be interesting to see if they will ever tell the membership the truth or if they will continue the charade until their membership loses its company paid health benefits as a result. If they do come clean, it will be interesting to see how they erase three straight years of propaganda that supported this law.

    As a side note: The reason that the UAW opposes “Right to Work” laws is because they agreed to a two-tier wage scale that caps newer employees wages to about $8 per hour less than older employees. Delphi took advantage of this by telling newer employees that it would give them a $2 per hour wage increase if they would ratify a contract that would decrease the wages of older workers by $6 per hour (which is almost a minimum wage job). Once contracts were ratified, older employees, rightfully, wanted to turn in their union cards and found that they could not, as condition of employment with the company. Without the “Right to Work” legislation union employees have no recourse when union leaders do not represent their interests. They must pay union dues no matter what.

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