Clarence Page: Heritage Action Stopping Progressive Action

Yesterday, MSNBC devoted an entire 5 minute segment lamenting the effectiveness of Heritage Action’s Legislative Scorecard, saying it causes a real problem for advancing progressive goals.

Clarence Page, a columnist for the Chicago Tribune and guest on the show, says our scorecard is, “A real problem for those who want to get progressive action through at all.”

This is not an isolated sentiment.  Last week the Washington Post wrote an article emphasizing the recognition we’ve received from people across the political spectrum for our powerful impact inside Washington.

Of course, our efforts are synchronized with those of conservative lawmakers in Congress, the most principled of which we’ve named Sentinels, as well as our citizen Sentinels who are standing guard and fighting for freedom across the country.

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good observation by @ChiTribPage -- @heritage_action really is stopping progressive action.

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We refuse to compromise conservative principles. #tcot

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The Heritage Action Scorecard is working to hold back the liberal agenda. #tcot

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2 thoughts on “Clarence Page: Heritage Action Stopping Progressive Action

  1. I just can’t believe with all the civil rights and laws and hate crime laws that WE aren’t under that category too. We have been assaulted, insulted, discriminated against, freedom of speech has been violated, now they are going after our right to defend ourselves which, in my opinion, was already violated by taking over every aspect of each individual’s privacy in the deathcare law. Smokers and obese will have to pay a 50% surcharge on their premiums? Or die? No matter what people may think of people who smoke, yes, I do smoke, I have paid my way for 35+ years and counting. It’s wrong for them to do this. After all the $thousands and $thousands in taxes we have paid, paying for everyone else’s medical care, their food, free phones, cable TV, stripper clubs, gambling, etc., etc., this is the thanks we get. They have belittled the smokers for too long. Their battle cry is its too dangerous for “the children” yet, in Iowa, for instance, smoking has been banned in all privately owned business and any public businesses. But all the HUGE STATE-RUN CASINOS allow smoking. Why? Is the smoke not quite as dangerous in a state-run place that just rips people off? And when the businesses tried to overturn the smoking ban, it of course was denied. Tried to go after the casinos but can you imagine the excuse they had and it won? They would lose too much $$. When this assault on smokers started and anyone who didn’t like smokers wouldn’t stand up for ANYONE’S indivuadal rights, my prediction has come true. They are on everyones back for salt, sugary sodas, they almost starved the school children with ‘healthier’ meals. We should have put the lid on SMOKERS RIGHTS a long time ago because that’s when the camel, pardon the pun, and his nose got under the tent. Now look at us. If these nazis cared so much about THE CHILDREN, they wouldn’t be butchering full-term babies in abortions or teaching small elementary children that any kind of sex, with anyone or anything, anytime is good and a normal thing and they wouldn’t be sending 12 year old girls who get pregnant to get abortions w/o the parents even knowing, yet DAMN them if they take an aspirin at school w/o parents’ consent. We’ve been living in a nightmare that we aren’t going to wake up from.

  2. Well isn’t that nice! Hooray for Heritage, doing everything it can to prevent the advancement of progressive goals. I hope all the Sentinels get lapel pins, and other conservatives in Congress will see them and say, “Hey! I want one of those!” And these almost-Sentiinels can be told what it takes to become a Sentinel, and they can start improving their voting records.

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