VIDEO: Stand with Us, America

The election is over, but the campaign isn’t. President Obama’s reelection means we conservatives have to redouble our efforts to fight big government and stop any liberal advance.

Heritage Action is prepared and ready to keep the fight for conservative principles alive. We are keeping our local offices open in key districts across America to hold lawmakers accountable to our ideals. And we will not stop the fight against Obama’s radical big-government agenda.

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5 thoughts on “VIDEO: Stand with Us, America

  1. DO IT! Enlist the true believing hordes and insure that no “politician” (One who compromises) will ever pass the primaries again!

  2. Are you kidding, it’s time to work together to solve problems for all Americans, not just your party. Your vision may have some good ideas but don’t forget, God has spoken through the election results, make the best of it.

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