Heritage Action on Sinking of the Law of the Sea Treaty

As of today, 34 U.S. Senators are on record promising to oppose the ratification of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea if it comes to the Senate floor.  Because two-thirds of Senators present and voting are required to ratify any treaty, the long-stalled Law of the Sea Treaty is effectively dead.  Heritage Action, which led the conservative lobbying push, released the following statement from CEO Michael A. Needham: 

America had little to gain through accession to the Law of the Sea Treaty – but much to lose.  Rather than affirming existing practices, it would have instituted a radically new, international legal regime.  The demise of the Law of the Sea Treaty not only represents a victory for American sovereignty, but also the American people.  For months, constituents have called and emailed their Senators, requested meetings, submitted letters to the editor, and organized in an effort to sink this dangerous treaty.  We commend the 34 Senators who stood with their constituents on the side of freedom. 

Below is a list of Senators who have signed the letter or otherwise stated opposition: 

1.       Senator Jon Kyl (R-AZ)
2.       Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK)
3.       Senator Roy Blunt (R-MO)
4.       Senator Pat Roberts (R-KS)
5.       Senator David Vitter (R-LA)
6.       Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI)
7.       Senator John Cornyn (R-TX)
8.       Senator Jim Demint (R-SC)
9.       Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK)
10.   Senator John Boozman (R-AR)
11.   Senator Rand Paul (R-KY)
12.   Senator Jim Risch (R-ID)
13.   Senator Mike Lee (R-UT)
14.   Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL)
15.   Senator Mike Crapo (R-ID)
16.   Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT)
17.   Senator John Barrasso (R-WY)
18.   Senator Richard Shelby (R-AL)
19.   Senator John Thune (R-SD)
20.   Senator Richard Burr (R-NC)
21.   Senator Saxby Chambliss (R-GA)
22.   Senator Dan Coats (R-IN)
23.   Senator John Hoeven (R-ND)
24.   Senator Roger Wicker (R-MS)
25.   Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL)
26.   Senator Jerry Moran (R-KS)
27.   Senator Dean Heller (R-NV)
28.   Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA)
29.   Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA)
30.   Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY)
31.   Senator Mike Johanns (R-NE)
32.    Senator Johnny Isakson (R-GA) *
33.    Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) **
34.    Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) **

* announced opposition in separate letter
** announced opposition in separate, joint letter

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184 thoughts on “Heritage Action on Sinking of the Law of the Sea Treaty

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  2. Why isn’t Lindsay Graham of South Carolina on that list? I think it is time for SC to get rid of Graham.

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    • Corker has two contenders for his seat: Zack Popovich (spelling?) and Shaun Crowell. Zack is on the primary list, but Shaun is not – he is running as an Independent in the Nov. election but leans very Conservative. he is a veterinarian in Spring Hill.

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  7. ….and where is the feckless KBH of TX? A more useless and vapid representative of the Great State of Texas could hardly be imagined. Sayonara, Kay. Maybe Ted Cruz can finally fill the vacuum that has existed in your Senate seat for so many years.

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  9. Thank you Heritage for bringing our focus on this treaty. I was watching Johnny Isakson (R-GA) closely on this one and am pleased that in the end he voted against it. Thanks to Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) for standing against it early on!

  10. So much for Bipartisanship! Where are the feckless Democrats? Are they all against national sovereignty? Are they all ready to turn our defense over to the United Nations?

  11. Great to know, especially since the corrupt U.N. is all about one thing, greed, and this back door attack on our freedom is a perfect example of why the U.N. should be thrown out of NY and the U.S. entirely. They are no longer relevent and have done little to nothing for anyone except enriching themselves. Wake up America.

  12. Thank you Senators! And where is Dickie Durbin? Marching lock step with the Dems radical agenda to sell out America to the UN and foreign countries. Well wishes to Mark Kirk–we need you badly back in Washington! Kirk understands National Defense!

  13. Great job! When we all respond they do listen. Note that there is not one Democrat on the opposition list. Those dunderheads want to cede control of our country to the UN ! VOTE against ALL Democrats. It is the only way to restore our government whether local, state, or Federal. They have simply become the socialist party led by unions, government workers, welfare receipients, and illegals.

  14. As a Floridian, I can say I am quite proud of Marco Rubio. I recently emailed him about this and he not only sent me an email in return, promising to vote against it, but he actually stick to his word. That is more than most politicians can claim.

  15. Did I miss a list of senators who favored the bill? I think their names should be popsted to alert us of what to expect of them in the future.

    • I second this comment also as a NC resident. Thank you Senator Burr. Too bad
      NC won’t be united by the Senators’ votes. We have to put with the other one, Kay Hagan for another two years and being the good Democrat puppet she is, we know
      which way she will vote. She doesn’t give a rat’s fat fanny about America, all she
      cares about is pleasing her Messiah who will go down to defeat before she will. I hope her final two years will be the most miserable in her life.

    • giovi1, you have a right to be proud of your Senator. I wish we had one in Washington that I could be proud of. Both of our Senators, Women, Dimocrats, follow oduma around like little puppies. I had a great discussion with them one time about the Republician war on women. We didn’t agree, but at least we were able to express our opinions.

      I know this is a little off subject but I sent an email to both senators and our repersenative. I asked them , in a way that they have to answer yes or no to the following questions. 1) Did Congress exempt the president out of his own health care bill? 2) Did Congress exempt themselves out of obamacare? 3) Did Congress exempt ALL federal employees out of obamacare? 4) Did Congress exempt the Unions out of obamacare.

      I guess this might have something to do with the LOST treaty, for it gives me an idea of how our Congressmen look at things. I can hardly wait to see their answers. Let me know what you think of the questions, and why don’t you try writing your Congressmen and let us know what kind of answers you get back. I wish you would reply to one of my blogs, so I can know how your Representatives answers compare with mine.

  16. Why would we want to give the oceans away….
    this is troubling….
    why would bums like Schummer and his bitch Gillabrand vote for this??????

  17. I noted that our Senator John McCain isn’t listed as a signer on this treaty.. Of course that is no surprise, since he is such a nothng when it comes to being a leader…

  18. Not a single democrat, that tells the whole story,, Can’t wait for November. I also agree that any republicans that did not help extinguish this thing needs to be shown the door as well.

  19. It seems that WV Senators Manchin and Rockefeller are not on the list either….
    Anyone supporting this treaty should be arrested and put on trial for TREASON against the United States of America!

    It’s time to vote a lot of people out of government that are ANTI-CONSTITUTION and ANTI-AMERICA.



  20. Where are our California senators?! As for the Democrats, they are out to destroy our country from what the Founding Fathers fought and died for. We can count on them to push for anything that will bring this country down. How sad that so many Democrat voters are uninformed people who are only looking for a handout! I have come to see the Democrats as enemies of our country. The USA is being held hostage by the Obama Administration! The enemies of freedom are sitting in The White House!

    • Me, too. What would you expect from these losers? I write and receive the standard, typical, ‘….we appreciate your view. However,…. ” . Sens. Stabenow and Levin have got to go.

  21. Thank you Senators for saving America’s sovereignty and economy from the tyranny that wants to destroy America. God bless and thank you for listening and responding to your constituents. WE the PEOPLE are watching and will hold you accountable. We are a nation founded on Judeo-Christian values reflected in the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights. Stand firm on those principles that bring all who come to our land, LIFE, LIBERTY and PURSUIT of Happiness. Today I’m celebrating a victory for those freedoms we enjoy.

  22. Thank you Senator Burr (R-NC) for opposing this terrible LOST legislation — and for you, Senator Hagan (D-NC) your support of handing over America’s sovereignty to enemies within the United Nations is another reason to make you a ONE TERM SENATOR from our state!

  23. I see that Corker and Alexander are NOT on this list so therefore they are indeed on my list of trash to take out come election day.

  24. That was awful close………………… And I would suspect that if it came up again in some late night back room deal, that several of those senators, including Rubio, would change their vote.

  25. The America we once knew is fast, disappearing, the once, Democratic Party has become, nothing but a shadow of its self. It is now nothing but the Communist Party of today! They are turning America into a dictatorship, with Obama as the dictator! If he gets re-elected, America as we knew it, is finished!

  26. So not one democrat had the guts to come out against the U.N. taking away our country. Please pay attention, people and vote these so-called representatives out of office. I live in California, land of idiot representation where our two senators have no problem giving our country away. These people are despicable and they must go.

  27. A great big THANK YOU to all the Senators that recognized this treaty for what it was, a complete threat to our nation and freedoms. I, unfortunately, am from Washington state, and our 2 senators Murray and Cantwell, only vote the way the potus tells them to vote, and have no regard for our Constitution. Two true hardcore liberal democrats, funded by, the Tides Foundation, correct Ms. Cantwell?
    So….again, to our great Senators that had the foresight to vote against this treaty, knowing how much our freedoms were at stake, God Bless you all. Thank you again from We The People.

    • same with our do nothing maryland senators mikulski and cardin. in maryland if you’re democrat you’re elected except in two house seats that are republican

  28. I am so embarrassed by my two Democratic Senators. In Colorado we love our mountains and prairies and respect the environment, but giving over our sovereign freedoms as a country is not what the majority of our citizens want. Senator’s Bennett and Udall your lack of courage in telling Obama you disagree with his none stop destruction of America will cost you big time.

    • I also live in Colorado, and have yet to get a firm answer from either Bennett or Udall regarding the UN Arms Trade Treaty, which as it stand now would include civilian arms owned by American Citizens, and could void our 2nd Amendment.

  29. effectively dead? it is actually dead when voted down in the senate or vetoed and not over ridden. Currently LOST can be revived because it is tabled not voted upon.
    Harry R will not bring it up for a vote so it can resurface again.
    Vote in Republicans and vote no on this. I am not sure what Scott Brown is but he runs with Snow, Lugar, Colins, and Roberts

  30. Democrats have sold their souls to Socialism and the UN; and, are not acting in the interests of the USA, In my opinion, they are all traitors.

  31. It just proves that ALL democrat senators supported selling America out to the UN.All except 1 who didn’t vote,but is more than likely that if they HAD voted,they would have supported LOST.
    This November,clean every democrat out of nook and cranny of Washington and hit delete. We 100% now know WHO hates America and freedom. Liberal democrats.

    • When I read the list I knew for sure my two Democratic Senators from MN would not be on it. They always vote party and not what’s good for our country and her citizens. We are fortunate to have a few Representatives who are good Conservatives who do love our country and work for her and her citizens.

    • I agree, but there are no liberals left in the Democrat party. They are ALL leftists and ready, willing, and able to sell out American sovereignty for their leftist dictator Obama. Their support of this monstruous treaty is absolute proof the Democrat Party is the party of treason, dictatorship, and one-world government.

  32. Where is Kay Bailey-Hutchison? I’m so happy she won’t be back in the Senate. Texans, if you want your new senator to stand up against the UN and their attempts to take away US sovereignty, we must elect someone with a backbone. And the candidate with a backbone that has the courage to stand true to our founding values is Ted Cruz. I’m convinced that David Dewhurst is just another moderate Kay Bailey-Hutchison in a man’s suit.

  33. As killer63 noted, not ONE of the POS ‘crats had the ‘b****’ to do what was/is right for our country. They’re all on the side of the most worthless, corrupt administration the ole’ USA had ever had the misfortunate of being ‘goverened’ by! Just imagine what awaits if we don’t purge these scum and their clueless leader from office in November…

  34. Who didn’t vote for America should be voted out we need people stands up for America it should be first of all if no America then nobody wins we got do something at vetoing box if we keep the same one in that is in we as all people lose what our service men fought and died will be for naught , don’t let that happen vote forty liberty not government run country.

    I don’t see your name on this list opposing this sea treaty. Are you opposing it? Please make certain that you oppose it. I have e-mailed you before about your “kissing up” to Obama. You used many of his talking points in the Mideast and Northern Africa. I was shocked when you pointed out that we should be helping the economy of Egypt. I asked you if you had taken a good look at our economy lately. I brought out what Muslim Brotherhood was up to, and they are now in the government of Egypt, I reminded you that when Obama gave his talk in Cairo, he invited MB.
    Hillary Clinton lied to a Senate Committee about the Preamble to the New Start Treaty when she said, ” Of course, the preamble is not a part of the Treaty.” Senator John Kerry lied during the Lame Duck Session of the 111th Congress, when he said, “The Preamble is not legally binding to the New Start Treaty, and the Treaty was ratified based on lies. The Treaty was sent on to the Duma in Russia for Ratification. Members of the Duma were on TV, laughing as they stated that the Preamble IS a part of the Treaty. Obama had signed the Treaty in Russia and did not give supporting documentation to the Lame Duck Session.
    The Preamble gave away our rights to a Missile Defense System. Speak to Senator Jon Kyl who has placed information about this in the Congressional Record.
    SENATOR McCAIN, don’t let Senator Kerry trap us into another treaty,…the sea treaty, that is against our best interest. Fight for Arizona and United States of America. PLEASE!
    Delores Smith

  36. Can’t help but wonder where AZ’s Viet Nam War Hero Senator McCain stood on this issue as I don’t see his name on the list of opposing Senators? That certainly surprised me!

  37. I’d especially like to see a list of the Repug Senators who voted for the LOST. In no event would I want to see any of my contributions go to their campaigns. I prefer an overt enemy to a covert one.

  38. I noticed not ONE from Michigan…..figures! Next they will be voting to open the massive shorelines surrounding this state – time for them to go!

    • Yes RubyBlu, what we have here in Mi. are two YES senators for any democrat president that ever sat in the oval office. I’m writing Levin and Stabenow today and today and telling them what I think of them! And it’s nothing favorable!!!

      • I have also written to let them know what I think of them. I got the SAME response..” …. we appreciate your contacting us. We will take your requesst under consideration”. BOTH OF THEM need to leave – and that includes Levin’s brother, Sander…..so, ALL THREE of them. No wait, John Dingell (Pelosi’s gavel carrying friend)….now we’re up to FOUR of them…..

  39. Yes, being from Arizona I to wonder where our great senator McCain is on this list. More
    then likely making another deal with the devil.

    • Your not so great “Manchurian Candidate,” “McShame” is on the side of evil, as usual. The ole sly RINO only does and says just enough to give the appearance that he on the good side – HE ISN’T!

    • Mr McCain doesn’t seem to be what he says he is. I did not know much about him when he ran for president, but I am getting more educated about him all the time. He needs to give it up and just go fishing.

      • Ya! fishing would be good for him.
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        1BR_81 wrote, in response to RatherbeFlying1:

        Mr McCain doesn’t seem to be what he says he is. I did not know much about him when he ran for president, but I am getting more educated about him all the time. He needs to give it up and just go fishing.
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  40. I notice Mr. Lugar from Indiana did not support this! No big surprise. Good news….he was defeated in the primary…..Richard Murdock is the Republican candidate. He needs you Hoosiers support! True conservative and not a RINO!

  41. I notice neither Feinstein nor Boxer are on the list, what a surprise. Boxer seems to live in her own world isolated form 99% of her constituents. Feinstein is a thoughtful person with strong beliefs and I’d like to know here reasoning.

  42. I was looking for New England senators. All missing. The thinking up there must have a genetic flaw that leaders in the Revolution are such wusses now and don’t seem to care about liberty or sovereignty.

  43. Shame on you Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina!!! Apparently you ignored my letter and voted for this fiasco anyway. I’m proud of Senator Jim DeMint for being a true American patriot.

  44. I commend Senator Jim Risch and Senator Mike Crapo, Great job on this issue! The rest of the Senators whom did not suport the defeat of LOST must be removed from Office. I suspect the above list of Great Senators will be the same ones that support the defeat of the Gun grab by the UN.
    Thank you Senator’s Risch and Crapo.

  45. We need to thank the 34 Senators looking out for “We the People” and the sovereignty of the United States of America. Here is the list of the remaining GOP Senators that didn’t sign on. These are the RINOS that need to be retired from the Senate as soon as they come up for re-election. Thank goodness that Lugar and Hutchison have been retired at the end of this year.

    Sen. Enzi-WY. Sen. Hutchison TX. Sen. Graham SC. Sen. McCain AZ. Sen.Lugar IN. Sen. Murkowski AK. Sen. Corker TN. Sen. Cochran,MS. Sen. Brown MA. Sen. Alexander TN. Sen. Kirk IL. Sen Snowe ME. and Sen. Collins ME.

    The next treaty coming up is the UN Arms Treaty which Hilliary and Obama are aggressively pushing for ratification by the U.S. Senate. We will soon see which Republican Senators will be opposing this treaty also. The Constitution requires a majority of two-thirds of the U.S. Senate before a treaty can be ratified. This treaty must be defeated at all costs because it violates our gun rights under the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

    God Bless America and our Constitution which protects “We the People” from the tyranny of our Federal Government.

  46. To vote against this bill, honestly, should have been a no brainer and what is despiciable is that there isn’t one ‘D’ on the list. Now that’s what I call a party who has America’s best interest at heart, they want to destroy our sovereignty and cede our power to the freaking U.N., can you believe that. What a bunch of spineless cowards.

  47. i am very pleased the Bill was defeated. However, I am from Tennessee and I am very upset that not one of the Senators that voted were from Tennessee. I know who I’m not voting for come election time!

  48. I don’t see any of my states senatores on this list I think my frends and I will have several calls to make today I think it is past time to get rid of the dems and the rino’s out see you at the polls

  49. McCain is noticeable by his absence from this list. For a Naval Academy graduate and supposedly a conservative standard bearer, that certainly does not speak very highly for his concern about our national sovereignty.

  50. Thanks for the common sense of those stalwart 34! I assume there are also a few sensible Democrat Sentors who oppose the foolish surrender of U.S. sovereignty that LOST would entail, and they, too, deserve our gratitude.

  51. What happens if Harry Reid does not bring the treaty to the floor for a vote. The same thing that could happen if Hillary Clinton Secretary of State signs us up to the UN Arms Limitation Treaty. It is left to the President Obama to oppose the ratification of both treaties and if he does nothing they get ratified by default.

  52. Our second Texas senator (KBH) was not on the list of Senators opposing LOST. But then, she’s not running for re-election so she has nothing to lose. Bye, bye Kay!

    • Unfortunately the two Senators from Vermont either passed or voted against LOST. I wrote to them and said I was going to watch their votes until the November election which just proves Sanders is a Socialist and Leahy an Obama butt kisser. He accompanied Obam to Vermont a while back for a campaign shot. I wrote him and told him he openly is a backer of Obam.a The House rep here is also a Democrat and is another traitor of the USA.

      They all must be thrown out,

  53. Sadly, John McCain is becoming the Republican version of Jimmy Carter. We owe a debt of graditute to the men who defeated this abomination. Don’t put anything past Harry Reid as he has proven time and again he’s one of Buckwheat Obama’s lackies.

    • Your comment is correct. Unfortunately Senators McCain has LOST his principles, LOST his courage (of which he had in times past shown), LOST his way, LOST his sense of responsibility, LOST his conservative weak credentials, LOST his ability to lead in the Senate, and LOST his ability to listen to his constituents among many other things.

      • I fully agree. I voted for him the last time around, based on what I knew of his past record, and conversations with him. I sent him numerous letters asking him not to support this treaty, with no response. I even pleaded with him, as having taken the OATH, on numerous occasions to vote against this treaty. I don’t know if one vote will make a difference, but he won’t get mine this time.

  54. Please tell me that Harry Reed allowed a Vote on this treaty. With out a vote the Treaty
    will stand .

  55. Unfortunately I am from Illinois and one of my so called Senate representative is Durbin who only listens to obama and the other is Kirk who hasn’t been around to vote since his massive stroke in January. So, as a conservative, I have no voice in the Senate since telling Durbin anything but what he wants to hear goes in one ear and out the other.

    • Durbin is as dirty and low-down as they come. I know a lot of folks down here in Florida from Illinois, and they all tell me how awful and corrupt the City of Chicago and the State is. It’s no reflection on you, BB, so keep the faith that we may live to see the passing of this evil from our nation. We’ll all pray for Illinois that the ghost of Lincoln return soon to help us in our righteous cause.

  56. I called both my Kentucky Senators and they strongly stated they would vote against any form of the LOST law. They both stood their ground and I am very pleased with their actions. I can’t believe the Democrats are hell bent on allowing the UN control America and remove our sovereignty. They are NOT upholding their sworn commitment to uphold America and our Constitution.

    • If you can take our means of protection from us, then you can control the people, as many a Dictator have done throughout History. Yes Phil I’m from Kentucky to and very proud that Rand Paul and McConnell voting NO to this treaty.

  57. This article lists only those who signed a letter of intent to opose the treaty. How about posting the whole list including ‘dems’.

  58. You need to print the names of the Senators who supported this, so people can zero in on getting them voted out in Nov.

  59. Although John McCain is a well known establishment RINO, I am a bit surprised that he, as a Nam vet, would not stand against such treaty.

  60. I am afraid that that our liberal elected officials, some of them anyway, feel that we should fall under the United Nations rules. This would throw our constitution under the bus.

  61. Down with the UN, Vote everyone of them out that wanted this. I’m from Indiana and I’m happy with one and voteing for him again. Shows you who’s side they’re on and who they work for.

  62. So the Dems don’t like our America, well, we must tell and show them we the people don’t like them for not standing up for America. We ought to kick them all in the a$$ (that is if we can find it, for they sit alot), so hard that their brains (if they have any) will fint it’s way back into their heads.

  63. It seems like every Democrat is America hating if they favor this treaty. There is absolutely no benefit to the United States!!! Zero!! Nada!! Zilch!! Have aliens from outerspace taken over?

  64. Democrats all love the United Nations and dealing with the most obscene, bottom dewellers, crooks and a bunch of have nothing countries who like to shop in New York and bring home a lot of nice personal items. In addition they like the parties – free treats – and most of all the US ends up paying the bills because most of these tiny aggressive countries dont even pay their UN share. Then they want to tell the US what to do or not to do. Obummer seems to love this. This guy has got to go.

  65. A great victory for Heritage and this country. Thanks! to all who sent letters, made calls, emailed and especially those Heritage staffers in D.C. who worked so hard up on the Hill.

  66. How could anyone who considers themselves an American support this treaty??? The thought that any of them would support this or even have to think about supporting it is very troubling. What we all need to realize is, The most destructive force there ever has been to the American people is the Federal Government! More than any war, more than any other country. Until the Governors join together to Nullify and restructure the federal government, they will always be the #1 threat to America. We must take the power of taxation away from the federal gov. All taxes must be collected at the State level. The role of the federal gov must be clearly redefined. The Governors must set, oversee, and control the federal budget and that includes the Senators and House members salaries and expenses. They must be paid by the State they are from. The President must be stripped of any authority to spend money!!! Look how much the current one has already pissed away!!
    We are broke as a nation. This will not change until something like this takes place!!

  67. Amazing I don’t see a single democrat on this list of patriots ! This is very telling
    about what must happen in November 2012. It must be publicised !

  68. Why did only 34 Republican Senators speak out against this treaty? Does that mean that the other ones were for the treaty? This 34 was only the minimum needed to put it down.

  69. I must have misunderstood Senator Sessions because I remember reading an article written by him that the Senate probably wouldn’t vote on this until after the elections this fall?
    Now if I understand the context of this article correctly there are 34 U.S. Senators on record promising to oppose this.
    It’s good to get these Senators verbal commitment but if nobody minds I’ll dance the jig after it has been voted down. It’s a longtime between now and Nov.6 and a lot can happen.
    I am very proud of these 34 Senators. Its stands like this that kind of renews your faith in the legislative branch of our system. Hang strong Senators and thank you.

  70. Lamar Alexander said to Inhofe that he plans to vote “NO” on LOST #35

    Inhofe gives the “whip count” at 35 (with the hint of more “no” votes if Kerry brings LOST to a floor vote). Inhofe gives the dissenter’s reasons in this YouTube video (7-16-2012). I find his concerns credible. LOST is a stealth “cap-n-trade and KYOTO” on steroids!!!


    The Heritage Foundation has more on LOST



    The HILL Blog


  71. I didn’t see Kay Bailey Hutchens R-Tex name on the list and not a single Democrat. When are the people going to stand up for what is right?

  72. I agree gcgranny! Need MORE Senators to VOTE DOWN. I found out that Hertiage and Freedom Works are NOT for the PEOPLE. This article is NOT TRUE. BEWARE PEOPLE! I ‘m VERY ACTIVE in the Tea Party (speak to People on the tole pole in T.P. all over the country) and something is fishy about this put out too soon and it’s NOT correct with FACTS.

  73. Where is Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren??? When are THEY going to stand up to be counted? Warren is a democrat, so I can understand her turning tail and running away from this issue…..but Scott??? Where the heck is Scott Brown’s “John Hancock” to show his support?

    Scott Brown better start stepping up to the plate. If he ends up being no better than democratics, then why the heck should we even care who wins that senate seat?

  74. And why am I not surprised that my two idiot Senators from the great state of Washington, Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell, did not sign either??? These two continually vote straight down their party line, selling away our sovereignty and Constitutional rights piece by piece, and never once thinking about what is good for America. Shame on them!

    • I wonder why my two gutless jellyfish from VA names are not on the list…oh, I forgot Jim Webb and Mark Warner have their heads so far up obummers behind they couldn’t see to vote, the worthless pieces of trash.

      • I will never understand what happened to Jim Webb, Reagan’s Secretary of the Navy and a solid conservative Republican who betrayed his party and ultimately his own country in supporting the candidacy of Barack Obama. There’s no way in hell Jim Webb didn’t know about Obama’s history as a Marxist and a globalist. There’s simply no possibility that Webb did NOT know at least some of the facts about Obama’s background that Webb would dismiss these reports as totally false or politically motivated fabrications. I can say exactly the same for my Senator, Bill Nelson of Florida. There’s absolutely NO possibility that Nelson and Webb did not know about the many allegations made against Obama as early as 2007. If even ONE of those allegations were proven true, then both Nelson and Webb were ON NOTICE that Obama was an anti-American, pro-globalist, Alinskyite Marxist from the most corrupt city and state in the nation, and yet both have supported him through 2 elections, AND have voted in lockstep with Obama as he slowly tightens his grip to squeeze the life out of the American Republic. These two men are nothing less than TRAITORS to this country. In Webb’s case, it is all true that he was a war hero, but Benedict Arnold was as well. I, for one, will NEVER forgive Webb or Nelson. They KNEW. They KNEW. They KNEW he was a communist and they supported him and the Shadow Party wing, the Soros takeover of the Democrat Party.

  75. Surprise, surprise!!!!!!!!!! Lugar got blasted in the primary in Indiana after 36 years. Now he is going to spend his remaining months doing as much damagge as he can. That is why you don’t see his name on this list of those opposing LOST.

  76. Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution states … He [the President] shall have power,by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur…

    So provided that every Senator on the list is honest about opposition and is present, 34 votes are enough.

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  78. Why would even a Democrat vote for this bill? As far as I can see there is not one single pro to the US in supporting this thing and there are a great many cons.
    Those that supported this SHOULD be convicted of treason. How can they possible argue that support of this protects and defends our Constitution?
    This should be front page news but Heritage.com is about the only place I’ve seen it mentioned.

    • The ONLY reason I can see for voting in favor of this miserable thing would be support for a one world government. Unfortunately that includes my states 2 worthless sens wyden and merkely! We USED to be a nice CONSERVATIVE state until the damned californians moved up here.

  79. Dust your guns and get ready to fight everyone.Most everyone I talk to is ready too. We need to take this country back from the Socialist Democratic Party.

  80. When I wrote Chuckie Schumer and his me-too accomplice Kirsten Gilibrand about LOST, he wrote back his I-am-also-concerned-letter stating his concern about the treaty and it’s implications for American sovereignty. But neither he nor she had the courage to sign the letter of opposition. Oh New York, my beautiful New York, how did you get so fowled up.

    • Unfortunately,no,it isn’t dead for good. One Dem voted “no” on it to keep it alive and on the table for future use. They will attempt to resurface this for a lame duck session vote after the Nov election. The reason after the election? Because then senators will not have to worry about an upcoming election and can vote in favor of it.
      We must keep and eye on all failed treaties and keep hammering all of our senators forever to vote to oppose all UN treaties as they resurface or are created. Until we clean out ALL of the socialist and UN loving corruption in Washington,we will have to forever be vigilant to keep the UN and our demise at bay.

  81. My Senators in New Mexico are all DAMNOCRAPS and they vote with their party and to hell with the people of this good state..They know better but not the people……….

  82. I emailed and called my Senator in PA regarding LOST. I see he is on the list and I will email him again to thank him. Thank you Senator Toomey.

  83. My thanks to all the Conservative senators, who chose to listen to their constituents and oppose LOST. My Oregon senators were not among them – guess I should be asking they why not..

  84. None from Michigan. I know why and I also know they better not get re-elected! Take note-MICHIGAN-we need to take our country back and that has to start with our state. Vote smart in November! Remember how your leaders voted on the issues!

  85. Where is Senator McCain on this? Why is he not supporting our conservative principles? Did he not learn anything from his presidential run? He has too big of a microphone to not be taking a stand for what’s good for this country.

  86. I’m glad to say that both of my senators stood against this treaty. It is also of note that not one Commiecrat senator stood with these senators. This really tells me what the so called Democrat Party is all about. There is no wonder that Democrats and Republicans can’t agree on anything when their morality and ideologies are so different. The fact of the matter is that I would much rather have gridlock in the Congress than to let the Commiecrats, (Democrats), have their way on just about any issue. The biggest threat to the American people is the United States Government. Everett Dirkson said many years ago, and it is still true, tha the best thing the Congress can do for the American people is to adjourn. This holds for the President as well. The best thing that this one could do is to leave. November is comming. We have to make the best of it and do some house cleaning.

  87. Well one of are Senators stood with we the people ..MR Joe Manchin ..thank you sir.
    The other has sold me ,and my fellow West Virginia’s out to the UN NATIONS on
    The Law OF THE SEA TREATY .Please remember this fact on voting day

  88. Be grateful to the Living God for the magnificent planet HE has put the human race upon.
    All environmentalism will be treated as Idolatry by HIM. HE who is I AM.

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