Lee Budget: Bold Reform Americans Need

Last week, Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) introduced a bold budget plan (S.CON.RES.44) that mirrors The Heritage Foundation’s “Saving the American Dream” proposal.   At its core, the budget reorients the federal government towards its constitutionally appropriate role, as opposed to the role envisioned by President Obama and many other big-government proponents.  As a result, the Lee Budget cuts the size of the federal government in half by 2025 and achieves a balanced budget by 2017. This is the plan conservatives have been waiting for!

Upon introducing his budget resolution, Senator Lee laid out the stakes in unequivocal terms:

Americans deserve to define their own financial future. Today, we have a government that mandates, regulates, and controls almost everything we do.  As a result, we have an unsustainable debt, less prosperity, and less economic freedom.  This plan reverses the endless growth of government and empowers individuals to make their own savings, investment, and health care choices, while creating a better delivery system for America’s safety net services, like Social Security and Medicaid.

As The Heritage Foundation explains, the Lee Budget strengthens the core principles that make America exceptional:

  • Limiting the size and scope of the federal government
  • Reforming our entitlement programs so that they ensure real economic protection instead of unrealistic promises no government can sustain
  • Simplifying our complex federal tax code so Americans have greater opportunities to create lasting economic prosperity.

From comprehensive tax reform and overhaul of the regulatory apparatus to real entitlement reform and repeal of Obamacare, the Lee Budget is a remarkable document that, if implemented, would give Americans greater choice and the freedom to improve their own financial future.

As bad news continues to ripple across the Atlantic from Europe and the Senate continues its dereliction of duty (now 1,111 days without passing a budget), the need for serious conservative leadership cannot be understated.  As Heritage Action has said before, despite all the spin and antics from the left and hostile media outlets, we still believe good policy is good politics.  America is fast approaching a point of no return, and Americans will respond positively to lawmakers who put forth serious solutions.  Senator Lee deserves tremendous credit for doing just that.

On Thursday, the Senate will vote on the Lee Budget.  Call you Senators now!  Tell them it is time for a serious solution to our nation’s mounting fiscal crisis and urge them to vote YES on the Lee Budget.

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26 thoughts on “Lee Budget: Bold Reform Americans Need

  1. I live in North Carolina. I composed a short message of support on Senator Lee’s proposal and posted it as an email on Senator Burr’s email submission site. I chose the drop down subject line of “Budget”. I decided to make a similar statement of support to Senator Hagan’s office but there no routing drop down on her site for the budget. I called her office and asked how I should route the comments and was told that they do not take comments about the budget. Amazing.

  2. Have submitted my request for concurrence with the Lee Budget Plan to all 3 of my congressional representatives. Hopefully they will listen. Thanks Heritage Foundation for making this easy.

  3. I sent a comment to Senator John Kerry, D-MA about asking for his support. However, he’s from MA and not about to support a budget plan that makes sense

  4. I just went on to Hagan’s email site and found the same thing BeauBobbitt did so I left this message:

    Sen Hagan,
    Since you don’t have a drop down subject heading for BUDGET, SPENDING ISSUES, DEFICIT or related issues, I have to assume that these critical matters do not concern you so I chose “Help with a Federal Agency” as the topic as the Senate’s inaction on all of these important issues is putting our country at great risk. If you do nothing else in this term, please support Sen. Lee in passing this critical legislation. Believe me when I say the citizens of NC are watching carefully and keeping track of the number of days the US Senate goes without performing their most important duty – providing a federal budget and spending plan each year. The inaction by you and your fellow democratic senators is an insult to the people of North Carolina and we will remember it.

  5. Why does it take FIVE years to get to a balanced budget?
    If you are really serious, arrive at a budget surplus, without any tax increases, in 3 years or less.

  6. Get the @#&%^*&^ congress to MAKE the people that is holding up the money that Leo Wanta has been trying to release for years!

  7. Unless Lee’s budget repeals the 16th Amendment and replaces it with a “Fair Tax”, i.e., a national sales tax which is truly equitable at a reasonable rate; (perhaps no more than 10% at most in light of eliminating most of the extra-constitutional goverment agencies), this should generate more than enough revenue to provide for the constitutional requirements as enshrined in the U.S. Constitution AS CONCEIVED and ratified). Further said “Fair Tax” could not be raised without a 75% majority in both houses of congress and then placed on the ballot for the next Presidential election to be voted on by the people of the United States. In the unlikely event that this rate would be reduced, the same method is to be used to reduce said rate.

  8. I would like to know what they’re wanting to do to Social Security… People work for years, and are cut for their Social Security every pay day. They do not have the right to decrease benefite of ss when it’s the people’s money that is being paid out!

    • Paulette, they’ve been dipping into our social security funds to hide the true amount of money they’ve been spending for years. That’s why it’s broke now. Somewhere along the line someone was going to get screwed anyway and it looks like the buck stops (literally)I’ll with us. FDR really screwed us. Think about how many times you’ve heard a politician say “our children will be paying for this if we don’t get a handle on it”. Well we are the children.

    • Paulette Eley – If you read the explanation about what the plan is for SS you will know what the solution is. It is:

      How it works

      Delivers an income-adjusted monthly benefit for retirees
      Gradually increases retirement age
      Over the next 10 years normal retirement age will rise to 68 for workers born in or after 1959
      Over the next 18 years early retirement age rises to 65 for workers born in or after 1964
      After that, retirement ages will be indexed to longevity, adding about one month every two years according to current projections
      Implements means testing to phase out benefits for married couples earning greater than $110,000 in non-Social Security Income
      Only the wealthy will see a decrease in monthly benefit
      Indexes COLA to Chained CPI

      You don’t seem to understand how the SS system works. The money taken out of paychecks for FICA (SS) does not go into an employee’s account. That money is used to pay for SS benefits of those already retired. If you are now receiving SS, some 18 year old kid is being taxed to pay for your benefits. The problem is that there we are close to having more people receiving SS than people working to pay for it. It must stop. This plan is absolutely the right one.

    • I absolutely agree with you, Paulette. We have already been taken to the cleaners, and do not need more of the same…”We have to pass this bill, in order to find out what’s in it”…doesn’t work for me. This is chicanery and criminal conduct.

      We also need to make sure to distribute any uniform taxation to traders and speculators on Wall Street, Hedge Funds, Investment Houses, etc. Most of these transactions are not being taxed at all. A uniform 1% tax on the totality of commerce of approximately $1.5 quadrillion annually would be ample revenues to run our entire government, military, existing entitlement programs, and would fund Social Security, Medicare, Medicade, SNAP, etc.

      Federal Income Tax, the IRS, FED-Reserve and Federal Payroll taxes should be completely eliminated. With the above taxation system, there would be no more need to file an income tax return for anyone. Gone forever. Period! End of story. Why don’t these imbeciles ever talk about such a plan? It’s already been designed and researched, ready to be implemented. Automated Payment Transaction Tax (APT-Tax) would eliminate having to pay the government for anything. The revenues would be automatically collected at time of sale, similarly to Sales & Use Tax now.

      Can you imagine what automatic economic stimulus a 50% pay raise would create?

  9. Balance the budget in five years??? It needs to be done immediately! And all the government agencies that have completely destroyed any sense of real liberty need to be abolished immediately as well. All the Trojan horses that have been planted in the government need to be rooted out. WE NEED TO QUIT OUR NANNY DEPENDENCY COLD TURKEY, NOT BE WEANED OFF! This plan just takes longer to roll off the cliff.


  11. Besides adulpting the Lee Budget EVERY ONE TAKES A 5% CUT…ALL SALARIES!!!
    ALL PENSIONS!!!ALL BENIFITS!!! Then Maybe all priceses would level off and maybe
    even come down?

  12. If we do not act responsibly we will become, Greece, Spain, Italy and Ireland all rolled into one gigantic debt bomb. Our elected leaders have overspent and over promised us into bankruptcy to keep their fat butts in the seats of power and wealth to our detriment and we foolishly let them. Time to pay the piper before it is too late to save the country.

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  16. Without a budget they have had absolutely no restrictions on spending. Obama has already stated that checks may not go out when Congress (The House) threatened to not approve the debt limit. The only way around this is to cut spending immediately including salaries across the board of all government and elected payrolls starting with the top administrators and implement a freeze on hiring and promotions, accept for our enlisted armed forces non commissioned.

  17. As a former Democrat I am appalled at the direction Obama has taken this country. He is trying to turn our republic into a socialist state while taking away our freedoms left and right. I would like to see more of what this Lee proposal is all about though. There has been to much of blindly accepting what people say or the brief summary of what they want you to see.

  18. I agree with Blakely in that Congress and even those higher up should be bound to what ever medical or retirement options they give the people; however, making taxes voluntary is a little rediculous. But they should eliminate a lot of the loopholes that allow the wealthy to avoid paying taxes.

  19. I would like to call my Congressmen about this situation of America debt. But I have Progressive in my district who don’t give a dam. They don’t care because the Unions in Michigan keep voting them back in. Debbie Stabenaw is up for re-election in 2012. I’m fighting like crazy to get her out of office. She is a pure Progressive.

  20. Our Gov. Budget is like having a credit card. You spend more than you pay and the balance goes up. You pay more than you spend and the balance goes down. Credit cards often raise your limit, if you have been making on time payments.At some point your credit card company is going to look at your debt/income ratio and decide they are not going to raise your limit any longer. It is time to pay up.

    Whaaa.. Whaaa… What to do now? We were counting on that extra money to keep us afloat. If we can’t pay our bills, then we can’t even pay the interest on our debts. You know what happens when you start missing payments? Liens and Repos come to mind for me.

    Having a balanced budget is a good thing. Being “balanced” does not mean you have money to start paying off the debt. The value of the dollar will collapse in the near future. Repo between nations usually means war. It may already be to late for us to prevent this from happening.

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  22. ALAS! Both of my Senator in AZ, Kyl and mcCain voted no on this Lee’s Budget Plan. I am awaiting a response from both of them as to their reasons for voting no.

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