Seventy-two (and Counting) Representatives Support Earmark Ban

In a Washington Examiner article, writer Mark Tapscott described the wavering of freshmen House GOP members on earmarks as follows:

“After they’ve been here a few months, they get some earmarks. Next thing you know, Joe Conservative thinks his most important job as a congressman is ‘bringing home the bacon.’ That’s when he becomes a card-carrying member of the Washington Establishment.”

With your help, we are fighting to ensure that those who may succumb to the vapid allure of earmarking are reinvigorated against the wasteful expenditures. That being said, a solid 72+ Representatives have firmly stated to constituents that they will support a continuing ban on earmarks. They are:

Title First Name Last Name Party State
Representative Martha Roby R AL
Representative Tim Griffin R AR
Representative Mike Ross D AR
Representative Trent Franks R AZ
Representative David Schweikert R AZ
Representative Jeff Flake R AZ
Representative Ben Quayle R AZ
Representative Devin Nunes R CA
Representative Howard McKeon R CA
Representative Mary Bono Mack R CA
Representative John Campbell R CA
Representative Duncan Hunter R CA
Representative Darrell Issa R CA
Representative Cory Gardner R CO
Representative Doug Lamborn R CO
Representative Steve Southerland R FL
Representative Gus Bilirakis R FL
Representative Vern Buchanan R FL
Representative Ted Deutch D FL
Representative Allen West R FL
Representative Sandy Adams R FL
Representative Rich Nugent R FL
Representative Dennis Ross R FL
Representative Jack Kingston R GA
Representative Tom Price R GA
Representative Phil Gingrey R GA
Representative Tom Graves R GA
Representative Lynn Westmoreland R GA
Representative Tom Latham R IA
Representative Joe Walsh R IL
Representative Robert Dold R IL
Representative Donald Manzullo R IL
Representative Bobby Schilling R IL
Representative Marlin Stutzman R IN
Representative Dan Burton R IN
Representative Larry Bucshon R IN
Representative Tim Huelskamp R KS
Representative Lynn Jenkins R KS
Representative Mike Pompeo R KS
Representative Kevin Yoder R KS
Representative John Fleming R LA
Representative Jeff Landry R LA
Representative Richard Neal D MA
Representative Jim McGovern D MA
Representative Andy Harris R MD
Representative Roscoe Bartlett R MD
Representative Bill Huizenga R MI
Representative Justin Amash R MI
Representative Dale Kildee D MI
Representative Mike Rogers R MI
Representative John Kline R MN
Representative Erik Paulsen R MN
Representative Jo Ann Emerson R MO
Representative Billy Long R MO
Representative Blaine Luetkemeyer R MO
Representative Vicky Hartzler R MO
Representative Alan Nunnelee R MS
Representative Steven Palazzo R MS
Representative Denny Rehberg R MT
Representative Howard Coble R NC
Representative Charles Bass R NH
Representative Frank Guinta R NH
Representative Robert Andrews D NJ
Representative Scott Garrett R NJ
Representative Joe Heck R NV
Representative Chris Gibson R NY
Representative Richard Hanna R NY
Representative Jim Jordan R OH
Representative John Boehner R OH
Representative Pat Tiberi R OH
Representative James Renacci R OH
Representative Glenn Thompson R PA
Representative Michael Fitzpatrick R PA
Representative Mark Critz D PA
Representative David Cicilline D RI
Representative Jeff Duncan R SC
Representative Trey Gowdy R SC
Representative Mick Mulvaney R SC
Representative Tim Scott R SC
Representative Kristi Noem R SD
Representative Diane Black R TN
Representative Jim Cooper D TN
Representative Scott DesJarlais R TN
Representative Phil Roe R TN
Representative Quico Canseco R TX
Representative Ralph Hall R TX
Representative Kevin Brady R TX
Representative K. Michael Conaway R TX
Representative Pete Olson R TX
Representative Michael Burgess R TX
Representative Bill Flores R TX
Representative Kenny Marchant R TX
Representative Eric Cantor R VA
Representative Bob Goodlatte R VA
Representative Rob Wittman R VA
Representative Scott Rigell R VA
Representative Robert Hurt R VA
Representative Jaime Herrera Beutler R WA
Representative Paul Ryan R WI
Representative David McKinley R WV

Don’t see your Representative here? Use this link to call and ask if he or she supports continuing the earmark ban.

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60 thoughts on “Seventy-two (and Counting) Representatives Support Earmark Ban

  1. I called my representative, Tim Scott (R-SC), spoke with his staff, and reported back that he opposed earmarks. Why didn’t he make the list after you emailed me thanking me for making the call?

  2. Democrats obviously don’t see a need to reduce their outrageous spending. If we are ever to save our country from this debt and deficit nightmare voters are going to have to vote anything but democrat. The wall will soon be hit on our spending binge and the outcome is dire for the American people.

  3. We have to do alot more than just banning earmark to save our nation. We must reduce government spending by 50% and restore the power back to the States and our Constitution. If not, none of this will matter and the US WILL collapse (not If but WHEN). It is simple mathematics, people!

  4. April 17, 2012

    Mr. Jack Lane
    7111 W Indian School Rd, #189 #189
    Phoenix, AZ 85033-3133

    Dear Mr. Lane:

    Thank you for writing to me to share your views on the serious issues surrounding the federal budget deficit and federal debt. I appreciate hearing from you.

    On August 2, the senate voted to raise the debt ceiling by $2.1 trillion in order to cover the projected borrowing needs of the United States government through 2013. While I firmly believe that we need to work hard towards dramatically reducing the federal debt and budget deficit, failing to raise the federal debt limit would have had a traumatic impact on our national credit and economy. The bipartisan agreement reached in the bill called for a formation of a select committee made up of Members of Congress from both Houses and both parties to determine how the federal budget can be reduced by $1.2 trillion over the next 10 years.

    As you may know, the select committee failed to reach an agreement on a plan to cut $1.2 trillion from the federal budget over ten years by their Thanksgiving deadline. I am disappointed that they were unable to agree to a bipartisan solution, something which was critically needed when we are facing crushing debt and tough economic times.

    This failure has now triggered automatic spending cuts in many parts of government. I fear that these cuts, because they have not been carefully vetted, may be harmful to our national Security. According to Defense Secretary Panetta, the automatic defense spending cuts “would amount to a 23 percent reduction in the defense budget” and “we would have the smallest ground force since 1940, the smallest number of ships since 1915, and the smallest Air Force in its history.” While we must cut waste from the Department of Defense and in every area of our federal government, I cannot support such drastic cuts to our military that would set off a swift decline of the United States as the world’s leading military power.

    Efforts to reduce the federal deficit by reducing spending are critical to the future of our nation. These cuts, however, must be part of a more comprehensive plan that will encourage job creation in the private sector in order to put unemployed Americans back to work. The plan should include comprehensive tax reform that will lower both personal and corporate tax rates, as well eliminate tax loopholes. In addition, Washington needs to reduce the number of government regulations that are strangling private sector growth and job creation.

    Furthermore, if we are going to put our nation back on a path to fiscal solvency then we must address the housing crisis. We need to enact policies that will strengthen our housing market and allow more Americans to buy and keep their homes.

    Rest assured, my work towards addressing waste is not complete. Congress has all the authority it needs to reduce spending and bring back economic stability. I will continue to examine federal programs to weed out waste, fraud, abuse, and duplication to save taxpayers their hard earned tax dollars and help preserve our national security.

    Again, I thank you for your valued input. Please feel free to contact me in the future regarding this or any other issue of concern.

    John McCain
    United States Senator


      • Having lived in Arizona most of my life I have indirectly gotten to know John McCain. For many years I did support him, I no longer do. I did however, hold my nose like many other conservatives did, and vote for him for president but he lost it or it could more accurately be said he gave it away with his pacifistic campaign in 2008. A big part of obama not being vetted properly is the fault of John McCain. Perhaps he just thought obama was going to be easy to beat since a black person had never gotten close before but many of us knew in advance what the outcome was going to be. Lets face it, McCain blew it badly. However, that is not the worst of his escapades in recent years. There were several other including but not limited to the following. We should recall he was a co-sponsor of an amnesty program that luckily failed to pass during the Bush administration. He was also a co-sponsor of NDAA. And is still defending it. I personally am appalled a United States of America veteran and former prisoner of war would be so naive as to give this president or any president, for that matter, that kind of power. I also am a disabled veteran and will never support John McCain ever again. NDAA coupled with the FEMA camps are a combination we may all soon live to regret.

    • McCain is a RINO, big government liberal. That’s why the main stream news gives him so much coverage and publicity.

  5. Your list is NOT accurate……… earmarks is a small issue. The Congress needs to “STOP” the Obama spending……cut the funding for ALL Departments to 1990 funding, defund completely EPA, Education, Health, Commerce, TSA, Transportation……DO NOT RAISE THE DEBT CEILING AGAIN…………….Cut ALL foreign aid by 75% with ALL aid to China, Egypt, S. Korea, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey cut to zero…….take the US out off the United Nations, close & sell the buildings….

    • Joseph: our list accurately reflects the call reports our activists submitted. If you talked with an office and another Representative opposes the return of earmarks, let me know and I’ll add to the list.

      You are right on: solving our debt and deficit will take bigger cuts, but removing earmarks from Congress makes it tougher for them to pass massive spending bills. That certainly helps the conservative cause of cutting spending.

      • I am sure you have taken great pains to be sure of the accuracy of this report. I for one appreciate Heritage Action’s reports and effort. Furthermore, curtailing earmarks is important and so is rolling back the debt and deficit. One other thing that needs attention from organizations like Heritage Action is lobbyists. We need to get rid of lobbyists for all those reasons. Waste and corruption will never be eliminated completely until we do. This government is supposed to be by the people and for the people and yet we are at a definite disadvantage, we have no one lobbying for our benefit. Large corporations like GE do. Consequently, they pay no taxes on billions of dollars of profit and if they get in financial trouble get bailed out with “our” money we did pay in taxes. Talk about paying the fair share how do you think that fits into the obama agenda?

        • Allow me to add one other faction…….BIG UNIONS, especially those in the public sector (SEIU, AFSCME, TEACHERS UNION, etc), plus especially those in the private sector (UAW, AFL-CIO, UMW, etc. who take their member’s dues to fatten the coffers of the Union Bosses {thugs} who donate millions to the Democrats and some to the Republicans to advance their agendas of intimidation, harassment, and even death threats upon those who oppose their tyrannical rule!

      • Mr. Yellis … do you regularly engage in such convoluted thinking? So you don’t want to prohibit earmarking because it makes it harder to pass massive spending bills? Wow! That’s amazing ….especially coming from a Deputy Political Director! Is Heritage Action selling out it supporters? I think it may be time to discontinue my longtime support. (How the hell did you get into your job at Heritage?)

        • Sorry, I think I wrote a confusing sentence: we are looking to continue the ban on earmarks and never let the practice return. Removing earmarks has made it more difficult for bloated spending bills to pass. We want the earmark ban to continue to make it harder for Congress to spend money it doesn’t have.

    • With the exception of South Korea being totally cut (I’d support 25%) of foreign aid, I completely agree with you, especially about getting out of the UN and closing the offices (I’d estimate that we pay nearly 85%) for those corrupt nations to come here and blatantly stab us in the back while taking our billions of dollars which we borrow from China!!!!!! Talk about ridiculous! Our Congress needs to either change their attitude toward we the people or take a hike. November 6, 2012…can be an historical date for the rest of the world to see how the American people rose up against this tyrannical government and sent them packing!!!! Think of the TRILLIONS of dollars we can save if only the people stood shoulder to shoulder and in a LOUD and CLEAR voice and in unison spoke to Washington, DC elitists, “YOU’RE OUTTA HERE!”

    • Maybe earmarks are small compared to the other wasteful items listed, but it is still billions of dollars and represents an improper way of funding projects, even if they were ones that would gain the support of Congress (and most were not). By permanently striking down the earmark procedure, it would send a clear message that the nonsense must cease, and we should put the interests of the nation first. Hopefully the rest of Hunt’s list above will soon follow.

    • Earmarks ARE a small issue looked at individually. but the last time I checked – 20 nickles make a dollar ten thousands make ten thousand etc. Congress MUST learn to look at TOTALS not INDIVIDUAL PARTS

  6. Not all earmarks are vote buyers. If a legislator has a project in his district he wants funded, and one that will help his constituents overall, it should be considered by the entire house. But when we hear about one legislator telling another I”ll vote for your project if you will vote for mine” the needs of the people are not being met. Congress and the President should abide by the Constitution and only fund programs that fall under the powers delegated to the United States in Amendment X of the Constitution. Those powers are defined in Section 8 of the Constitution.
    Unfortunately, it took almost 250 years to get to the “nanny state” mentality this country ius in now. Getting back to the basics will nt be easy or quick, but doing something about earmarks is a start.

  7. We do need to keep earmarks out of the picture. And cutting foreign aid except S. Korea is a very good idea. And get out of the United Nations and tell them to go home. Most all of the countries we help does hate our guts, so stop giving them money. And we need to replace both houses of congress.

  8. We have too many People in congress, Senate and House who are just too self centered to think of anyone but themselves. Look At Pelosi, (?) Making big bucks on information which passed her in Congress, Making like a dying duck jerking the USAF around about Air Transp. I was in the Air Force and we had a much bigger job than hauling around whining Fluff.

  9. Government as big as it is wastes billions of taxpar money according to Citizens Against Government Waste. That is why we pay Karl Marx taxes. Limited Constittutional Government and the UN booted out of NYC will eliminate government waste.

  10. I think it’s safe to say all earmarks are not wasted money but voting for an earmark just to satisfy that someone will vote for yours is just wrong especially when it only applies to a certain locale. The only way to to stop the waste is to stop the spending unless everyone votes on it and it stands on it own merits. So, for those Representatives that stand on their principles, good job. It’s pretty sad that less than ten Democrats support this, I wonder if that makes people think the problem with spending may be on their side of the polictal spectrum?

  11. Don’t stop with ear marks. Let’s eliminate non-Constitutional departments like EPA, Education, Energy, Interior, Agriculture, HHS, Public Housing to start with. The 10th Amendment was for the states to have sovereignty over all these functions and government closest to the people demands it.

  12. My rep is on. Good job! Next: cut spending…then revising the rules that if a President or his party refuses to set a budget on the lowered spending edict, they will be removed from office for dereliction of duty? And how about cutting out tax loopholes and those pesky tax shelters Buffett and his ilk love so much…plus lowering all federal taxes to 5% and live within our means. Oh, and ridding our nation of this Obamacare abomination. Just a few things to chew over.

  13. Rep. Darrell Issa (CA-49) was one of the first Representatives to publicly support the moratorium on earmarks. Previously, he was the first Representative to start posting all his appropriations on his website to provide transparency.

  14. Every bill that goes before either house of Congress should deal with only one subject. No riders should be attached, including earmarks. If a representative wants something for his/her state, that representative should make the case for it and get an up or down vote from the House and Senate.

  15. If a Congressman or Congresswoman wants to have projects brought home to thief state and or district. They should promote the reasons why and put it to a vote without attaching it to a bill that has nothing to do with it. Hiding earmarks in big bills to slip them past because they wont stand on their own merit. Is what has help get us into the trouble we are in!

  16. I would sincerely like to believe that my Congressman, Walter B. Jones, Jr. R-NC, is solidly against earmarks and he has instructed his staff to make sure that position is stated clearly and the staff, for some reason, has not done so yet. I hope even more that Congressman Jones name is not on the list because he DOES support earmarks. That would really be a major disappointment. There is a tremendous difference between looking out for your district with serious issues that are nessessary and needed and things that are just totally ridiculous wastes of money to show that you can do it.

    • not one person thus far from the carolinas.i was wrong.howard coble is on list.he is the man.this man is worth his weight in gold and then some.

  17. I commend the Representatives from AZ for their support of this Ban on Earmarks. However, if nothing, including a budget, can’t make it through the Democrat held Senate, the Representatives from any state may be fighting an insurmountable task. Defeat should never be assumed a failure! Press on.

  18. I am so glad to see that Cong Charles Bass-R-NH is in support of banning/or continuing ban against earmarks. Good for you Charlie – you sure have my vote in next election.

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