State of the Union Chat with Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-CO)

Tonight, as President Obama delivers his State of the Union speech on his vision for the country – a vision that punishes success and creates a cradle to grave welfare state – join Heritage Action and Congressman Doug Lamborn (R-CO) for a live web chat.

Join our chat here. It goes live shortly before 9PM EST.

Rep. Lamborn announced yesterday that he would not attend the speech in order to “send a clear, strong message” that President Obama’s agenda has “hurt our country.” Instead of listening to President Obama demagogue and divide our country, join Heritage Action and Rep. Lamborn for a discussion on what our country really needs to succeed and separate fact from President Obama’s political fiction.


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2 thoughts on “State of the Union Chat with Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-CO)

  1. All I heard while President Bush was in office was that we could dislike him but we had to respect his office. Had Democrats acted in such a manner the Republicans would have blown a gasket. I’m ashamed that I’m from Colorado and have such a man representing our great state. Between this and his calling Obama a “tar baby” I can’t think of anyone who acts less like a real American. This is one of the reasons that both Congress and the Senate have such poor ratings. Perhaps Rep. Lamborn needs to take a refresher course in manners and his duties as a elected official.Shame on you.

  2. First part of his speech sounded like he was going to change his party to Republican! Then of course he reversed his tack and went back to the politics of envy. The problem with the “lets take more money from them and give it to you” tactic is that the economy is not a zero sum game, it’s not one pie we are dividing. We are a pie factory, we need to get our factory more functional. A large part of that is getting congress to work as statesmen, not politicians. Pres. Obama promised to be a one term president if he didn’t deliver on his campaign promises. Well,……

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