Heritage Action on Reported Debt Deal

Heritage Action for America’s CEO Michael A. Needham released the following statement in response to the reported deal to raise America’s debt ceiling: 

While this deal is moving in the right direction rhetorically thanks to pressure from conservatives, it still falls well short of the standards we have consistently laid out. At its core, the deal still relies on an insufficient level of cuts immediately in return for raising the debt ceiling over $2 trillion. We are skeptical of “super committees” tasked with brokering grand bargains and we are adamantly opposed to committees that are given the authority to raise taxes on the American people and to bring about the gutting of our national defense budget. This deal highlights how dysfunctional Washington has become and we will continue to oppose it as insufficient to the task at hand.

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10 thoughts on “Heritage Action on Reported Debt Deal

  1. I would have to agree that it does not go far enough. But it does keep in the spot light how the progressives want to keep on spending and raising our taxes. Most people say go ahead and raise the taxes on the wealthy jet owners. But they don’t realize they are going to pay more for a ticket. So your shooting yourself in the foot by going along with it.
    We have to reduce the government spending along with the programs that are killing jobs, like the EPA.

  2. If this debt ceiling is raised then prepare yourself now to weather the storm of despair.Washington is not listening and playing games with the American people. What Washington does not realize is the severe division that has been created in this country. It is common sense to what must be done and I wonder what their real motive is?

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  7. It is not unusual to find DC playing the game with our grandchildren’s future and ignoring key notes that will help make government smaller. It is time to clean house and no one stays—–we must have smaller government, no more taxes and cuts to agencies that are not doing anything but wasting money. Here are a few of the agencies that destroy the american dream–the FDA, the Agricultural dept, smaller agencies like 200+ that should be closed. You want a good budget-start with our government, we the people can become responsible for many things with the help of companies who are waiting to get tax breaks and help. Anyone not willing to help government be smaller —then they do not see how how our country is stronger without it.

  8. The republicans just gave away their majority edge in the house. They traded it for an even “food fight” with democrats in the so called “panel” Problem is that the democrats are crafty, manipulative seasoned liars ensuring we lose the panel war.

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