Is the U.S. in Permanent Decline?

A CBS News / NYT poll has found that 39% of adults now think the U.S. is in a period of “permanent” economic decline.

This shows just how poorly Americans feel that the country is doing. Even though the economy is growing achingly slow, that growth has not seemed to reach the American people. A lack of confidence in our President and the economy shows just why a different path is needed.

The economy and jobs scored 26% and 27%, respectively as the main issues affecting Americans today. No other issues reached double digits.

Unfortunately, the path that President Obama has put us on will slow our economy and usher in a slowly spiraling decline. You know the government is attempting to squash our entrepreneurial spirit when businesses feel like they’re being assaulted and the American people feel their lives are being controlled (see light bulbs, fuel-efficiency, and government healthcare).

The fact is, President Obama’s policies have stalled economic growth and prolonged our recovery. Poll after poll continues to prove the American people understand that. It’s time for the President to stop blaming everyone but himself.

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2 thoughts on “Is the U.S. in Permanent Decline?

  1. The Bible says so! 90%+ of Prophesy has already come true! Well! Maybe we all better make it right with God! Obama nor any human is the Answer! Figure it out from there!

  2. P)resident Obama seems to care n spend money on third world countries instead of the emergency
    of USA’S troubhled economy n unemployment.
    I thought the president would care more about
    his own country[USA.]

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