What they’re saying

“I support Heritage Action for America. I write about them, I give them money, I sign up for their emails. You should too.”
–Erick Erickson, RedState.com

“Heritage Action is the political muscle that turns conservative policy ideas into conservative realities on Capitol Hill.”
–Sean Hannity

“Heritage Action will be a transformational force in American politics by providing the political pressure to follow-up on The Heritage Foundation’s message of wisdom. Millions of Americans are fighting for the conservative principles President Reagan and I believed in and Heritage Action will be a very powerful ally on their side.”
–Margaret Thatcher

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To donate by mail, make out your check to “Heritage Action for America” and mail to:

Heritage Action for America
214 Massachusetts Avenue, NE
Suite 400
Washington, DC 20002

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How you can make a difference in the conservative fight by donating today

For too long, Washington has advanced a liberal agenda and served the needs of special interests. The nation desperately needs conservative voices, but in Washington even many self-described conservatives advance the ideas of the left.

America needs a new, conservative direction. Heritage Action makes sure we get there.

Heritage Action's legislative teamBuilding on 40 years of conservative policy research by our sister organization, The Heritage Foundation, Heritage Action fights day in and day out for the principles that made America great. Our two-pronged approach gives us the power to make a real difference.

In Washington, our experienced legislative team with a combined 40 years of experience works the halls of Capitol Hill to tell lawmakers and their staffs how to vote to promote conservative principles

In 73 key congressional districts across America, our grassroots organizers are building an activist army, more than 300,000 strong, to tell lawmakers to vote for conservative legislation.

Holding lawmakers to account

In 2011, Heritage Action released our Conservative Scorecard, one of our most important tools to hold lawmakers accountable for how they vote. Our Scorecard is unapologetic and tough. We don’t give anyone a pass based on their party affiliation. And we get real results.

Heritage Action's legislative scorecard 17 Senators voted for Sen. Mike Lee’s (R-UT) conservative budget proposal, which was based on The Heritage Foundation’s Saving the American Dream plan. This is an amazing result for a plan that does so much to change the status quo in Washington.

Our activists beat back a special-interest proposal to subsidize natural gas at taxpayer expense. We even got 20 co-sponsors of the legislation to drop their support entirely– unheard-of in Washington

Your support makes a real difference

Heritage Action relies on the support of tens of thousands of conservatives like you to battle the liberal onslaught advance conservative ideas. And when you make a gift to Heritage Action, we can:

 Pressure key lawmakers to vote for conservative legislation in Washington and in their home districts

 Execute our Red Lines plan to make sure lawmakers hold firm on non-negotiable issues like tax increases and reversing disastrous defense cuts

 Continue the fight no matter what Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, or Harry Reid throw at us

Join the tens of thousands of conservatives supporting Heritage Action’s work by making a gift today.

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