Spending and Debt

Over the last ten years, federal government spending and debt has been at a higher level than it’s ever been in American history. Excessive federal spending leads to increased taxes on families and businesses that have less to save, invest, and spend as a result. This makes it harder for families to save for and buy a house and harder for businesses to invest in the real estate market.


Reining in Out-of-Control Government Spending and Debt

Background: Over the last ten years, federal government spending has been at a higher level than it’s ever been in American history. In fiscal year…

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Out-of-control Government Spending Harms Taxpayers

By Diane Katz, Research Fellow in Regulatory Policy at the Heritage Foundation President Trump’s proposed cuts in discretionary spending have prompted a frenzy of dire…


Trump’s Big League Conservative Budget Request

Washington — This morning, President Donald Trump’s administration unveiled the outlines of an America First Budget. The administration’s budget request calls for roughly a 10…


Grave Digging in Iceland, Tofu in Convenience Stores: Your Tax Dollars at Work

By Rachel del Guidice The national debt is expected to hit $20 trillion early next year. Sen. James Lankford has a few ideas to start…


Return of Earmarks Would Boost the Ruling Class

By Mike Needham, CEO of Heritage Action for America Banning congressional earmarks was one of the signature accomplishments of House Republicans over the last several…


Obama’s 6 Biggest Domestic Policy Blunders

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8MwheHhoPpA After almost eight years in power, it’s a good time to ask: What has the Obama administration wrought? Watch this video by the Daily…


The Government Just Spent $168 Billion More Than the Year Before

By Romina Boccia, Research Fellow on federal spending and debt at the Heritage Foundation New numbers on federal spending are in from the Congressional Budget Office,…


President Obama’s latest budget: A bad deal for real estate professionals

This month, President Obama released the 8th and final budget of his presidency. Unfortunately for realtors, his budget includes a number of proposals that if…

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