Why Regional Coordinators?

Michael Needham, Heritage Action’s CEO, explains why we have Regional Coordinators: “For too long, Washington has ignored the voices of concerned citizens, Heritage Action will ensure that lawmakers in Washington represent all Americans, not special interests.”The work of repealing Obamacare, stopping runaway federal spending, and limiting over-regulation starts with conservative activists holding their Members of Congress accountable. Regional coordinators recruit and organize those activists, positioning conservatives for policy victories.

Our Upper Midwest region covers Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa.

Alexa Legas, Upper Midwest Regional Coordinator

Originally from Richmond, Virginia, Alexa is a graduate of Baylor University. After earning her degree in International Studies, she became an intern for Congressman Dave Brat during his campaign in Virginia. Prior to joining Heritage Action, Alexa was also a part of the Heritage Foundation’s Young Leaders Program. Having been raised by Minnesotan parents, Alexa has called the Midwest her second home, and now serves as the Regional Coordinator for the Upper Midwest.

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Alexa Legas

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