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Hi, my name is [FIRST NAME] and I’m a constituent from [CITY and STATE].

President Biden has a proven record of nominating liberal activists—to his cabinet, to federal agencies, and now to the Supreme Court.

I’m calling on [SENATOR] to reject Biden’s pick for the Supreme Court and vote NO on the confirmation of activist judge, Ketanji Brown Jackson.

Jackson is soft on crime and soft on illegal immigration, a troubling pattern shared by many of Biden’s nominees:

  • Biden’s pick for the Justice Department, Merrick Garland, labeled parents as “domestic terrorists” while presiding over record crime in our cities.

  • Biden’s pick for Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, opened up our southern border and let in over 2 million illegal immigrants in 2021.

Multiple times, Jackson used her position on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit to hinder the federal government’s efforts to enforce immigration law.

Additionally, Jackson has an alarming history of handing out soft sentences for pedophiles and other criminals convicted of sex crimes. This goes all the way back to her time at Harvard Law School, where she wrote that sex offender statutes were “unprincipled” because sex offenders could become the “target of widespread community rejection.”

This type of liberal, activist thinking is out-of-step with mainstream America.

We want courts that will enforce our laws—borders should be secure, criminals should be punished, and neighborhoods should be kept safe.

Let’s keep Biden’s activist agenda out of the Supreme Court.

Tell [SENATOR] to vote NO on Ketanji Brown Jackson.

Thank you for passing along my message.