Farm Bill Deal Reached, House May Vote as Early as Next Week

The four principal House and Senate farm bill conferees, Rep. Frank Lucas (R-OK) 52%Rep. Collin Peterson (D-MN) 34%Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) 5%, and Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS) 30%, have reached a deal on the legislation, one that “bridges the biggest gaps” between the House and Senate versions.  Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) announced Thursday that a vote on the farm bill conference report would come as soon as next week.  Alternatively, the house may pass a one-month extension of existing programs.

There has been a long-running dispute between the House and Senate on the basis for subsidies to farmers – either a farmer’s base acres or on the actual crops a farmer planted.  The agreement allows farmers to choose which type of subsidies they will receive, which more closely resembles what the House bill offers.

The Heritage Foundation has identified myriad flaws with both the House and Senate farm bills, which means a combination of the two will most likely be unsatisfactory and harmful to taxpayers and consumers.

One of the most substantial problems is the union of food stamps and farm policies.  The unholy alliance of these two separate issues prevents real reform from taking place.

Moreover, the bill will be extremely costly, because neither the food stamp program nor the agricultural programs have been sufficiently reformed.  The $80 billion food stamp would be cut by a mere 1 percent in the Senate bill and a mere 5 percent in the House bill.

There are a number of egregious farm programs embedded in the bills as well, and therefore may comprise part of the compromise.  For example, the new shallow-loss and target price programs would leave taxpayers on the hook for a hefty bill if commodity prices collapse while wealthy farmers would enjoy “almost unlimited protection.”

Regarding some of the subsidies for farmers that will be paid out on base acre calculations, Rep. Peterson said (sub. req’d), “I think it’s a really bad idea because we’re paying people that aren’t’t doing anything.”



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4 thoughts on “Farm Bill Deal Reached, House May Vote as Early as Next Week

  1. Why does the Farm Bill contain Mutual Self Help Housing which should only be under the housing department? In Colorado many citizens now consider this program under the USDA as just another Corrupt and Abusive Federal Program. If they want to cut money from the Farm Bill then please be sure to cut out this now abusive program destroying the lives of citizens who worked hard for 20-30 years only to have $100,000 or more of their equity swiped from each family, not to mention also defrauds the mortgage lenders. Any program that destroys innocent Legally Disabled families and swindles families out of that much money needs to be kicked out the door and needs to be investigated for criminal activity. Is it not a crime to impair or render a lot less valuable any collateral subject to a security interest of a creditor?

    Billions are spent on this now corrupt program which does not help homeless or hungry citizens and eliminating would enable more money in federal budgets for better programs. In this instance money in the budget is harming innocent citizens and “We the People” then also pays for the short sale or foreclosed loans insured by the government when citizens and mortgage lenders are defrauded. Instead that money would be better spent building better homeless shelters and supplying them with food to feed the homeless!!!

    PLEASE Stop Extending this program via the Farm Bill!!! Extensions allow more violations which “We the People” are ending up paying a lot of money to support the abuse. Let the Farm Bill die and then work on something better or finally eliminate all the garbage harming innocent citizens. The continued extending is destroying Citizens and harming our Country.

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