Make the call to End Federal Funding to Planned Parenthood Today

Make the urgent call to your lawmaker today to stop funding for Planned Parenthood.

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Planned Parenthood has been selling the tissue of unborn babies for profit.

If you are a firm believers in the sanctity of life, beginning at conception it is imperative that Congress do everything within its power to investigate these reports and take immediate action to stop Planned Parenthood funding.

Conservatives cannot and should not support any funding resolution – an appropriations bill, an omnibus package, a continuing resolution, or otherwise – that contains any funding for Planned Parenthood, including mandatory funding streams.

Will your member stand for life and refuse to vote on any spending bill that continues to fund Planned Parenthood?

Make the call today:

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45 thoughts on “Make the call to End Federal Funding to Planned Parenthood Today

  1. We must reduce our federal deficit and to do this, all portions of the federal budget must be reduced. this includes the food stamp program. There is enough waste in this program reduced. The waste alone in the food stamp program should easily justify this proposed spending reduction and much more. Please stay true to the last election mandate to reduce federal spending and the outrageous deficit our country is facing.

  2. I think there is way too much waste and abuse of the food stamp program and it needs to be reeled in. People fussed about the drug test idea when us folks who go to get jobs have to willing do. The debt needs to be reeled in and it cannot be by giving to illegal aliens and bums !!!!!!!

  3. A total fraud. Planned parenthood should be abolished and those that support it fired and voted out of office. Dealing in body parts is a crime punishable by death in other countries. Have the same penalty here.

  4. Abolish Planned Parenthood and all they stand for!! Immediately!! They are murdering for profit with the most innocent of human life under their scalpels!! STOP THIS NOW!!! NO MORE FUNDING TO PLANNED PARENTHOOD, PUT ALL OF THEM IN JAIL FOR LIFE! Or better yet, cut them up and sell their body parts while they are still alive and breathing!

  5. Its time those in leadership actually LISTEN to the people. DO NOT FUND murder. You will be judged by God one day if you continue to condone this evil.

  6. Anyone who does not vote to defund Planned Parenthood, with the knowledge we now have of the absolutely horrible way they kill our American babies, is as guilty as the person performing the abortion and the mom requesting one. Please do the morally right thing and vote to defund. Our great country needs patriots who will think for themselves.

  7. Food stamps should not be given to illegal aliens. The illegals need to go back to where they came from. They got here on their own; the can get back on their own. Our citizens who are out of work and disabled need help. AS FOR ABORTION; ABORTION IS MURDER! Everyone associated with killing these innocent should tried and receive the death penalty themselves. They are committing murder and we the people are government and we are aowing this country to be over taken by murders. Treason is committed every by Obama , the Clinton’s and there cronies. And we the people stand by and let the and the Republicans in Democrat clothing get with all these We sent those jerks to Wahington to up hold the law not to create LAWLESS THROUGHOUT AMERICA. WHEN THE BEGIN TO BE TRIED AND RECEIVE THE SAME THING THEY DOING THEN IT STOP.

  8. Planned Parenthood is a mockery to our system in this country. It is not only murder it is torture to the defenseless babies. I can’t imagine anyone willing to let their baby be put to death in such a horrible way. Defund them now. For other services they can go to the health department.

  9. When the Head is sick, Obummer, then the whole body, all those in Washington D.C., is sick. We must pray for healing for their wounded souls. They know not what they do, so we must for give them and believe God to intervene to save these innocent ones who are being butchered everyday.

    • Yes, we must pray for them to realize what they are doing and stop. Do you believe God wants us to continue paying for those butchers to do their dirty work? We let this happen, we must put an end to it. God have mercy on all of us.

  10. This is The worse thing i ever hear this is horrible what’s wrong with the people in Washington , DEFUND PLANEET PARENTHOOD That’s what they HAVE to do

  11. As a high school kid I am stunned by the plethora of unfocused comments as well as threatening rants about what should be done to supporters of Planned Parenthood, written presumably by adults. We as conservatives have a lot of ground to cover in terms of trying to recreate an America that is more conservatively minded in both it’s politics, and the way that we treat one another. We need to band together to stand up to the causes which in the end bring us harm. Use the power that activism gives to galvanize our congressmen to stand up for what they and their constituents believe in. We can scream bloody murder all we want but until we calm down and get to work, liberal America is just going to continue using us as a doormat.

    • You are so right,son. Until and unless we stop talking and start acting we will accomplish nothing. Write letters, send fax, and/or call your Representatives and Senators. Remind them that they work for “WE THE PEOPLE”, that we are very dissatisfied with the way they are doing their job. Suggest they read the Constitution and follow it. Obviously they don’t know that ONLY Congress can make law, the Supreme Court cannot! Congress can undo what the Court did about same sex marriage on those grounds alone: no Constitutional Amendment needed. The House controls the purse strings, stop wasting money. Too many people abuse Welfare and Food Stamps. Check them out, drug screen, put them to work. STOP FUNDING PLANNED PARENTHOOD!! Personally, I don’t want my hard earned money to pay for the butchery of babies.

  12. We the people have made our requests known to our electrdrepresentatives about de-funding planned parenthood. Our tax dollars should not be paying for murder, regardless of the circumstances. If an individual wants an abortion, they can pay for it themselves. Considering the amount of tax dollars we pay that go toward birth control anyway. People need to start taking responsibility (especially financial) for their choices or lack there of. Now it is up to our elected officials to carry out our choices. They will be held accountable for their responsibility in carrying out our decisions. There are so many truly needy Americans, that have contributed to “the system” & they should be taken care of first. Our veterans, the elderly & our previously workers who have become disabled.

  13. What is the constitutional basis for federal funding of any non-government organization?
    However, I will e-mail my senators, Scott and Graham, and urge them to oppose Planned Parenthood funding in any vote that comes up.

  14. Babies are not expendable. This one to be given up may be the hope for the future. Think love not convenience. Defund those who would defund life.

  15. We have nothing but power/money hungry, self interest politicians (all of them) that not only should be ashamed of themselves but any of them that support funding should go to jail for life or better still, have their family members be subjected to this practice and then see if they support it. They are all such low lives and would sell their own families up the river for money and power. Our politicians are pathetic at best!!!

  16. Holy Mary, Mother of God, touch the hearts of all members of Congress with your love of every child in and out of the womb, and pray for all of us sinners now and at the hour of our death. All holy angels and saints pray for and inspire all members of Congress to vote to defund Planned Parenthood and respect all life from conception to natural death. Thank you Blessed Mother.

  17. We have gone against GOD since Roe v Wade and murdered almost 60 million babies…. in the womb or partially born…..and our government doesn’t bat an eye when subsidizing Planned Parenthood with 500 million dollars (plus) yearly. P.P. is the abortion giant in this country. It seems to me that in our blind disregard for the unborn that GOD has given one (possibly the last) chance for us to bring this slaughter to an end. Anyone that can disregard the recent videos of the sale of baby parts by P.P. definitely has no conscience! If Congress continues to fund the murder of 330,000 babies a year….. we must then accept what GOD may allow to happen in this country….
    more fires, flooding, severe storms, sinking economy, terrorism, etc.. Life is MOST important to GOD and He is giving us a chance to do what is right in His eyes. If we disregard these warnings…..Woe be to us!!

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