Tell Congress to Block the Iran Deal

President Obama has announced his intent to enter into a dangerous nuclear deal with Iran. This deal is the result of over 6 years of failed “lead from behind” foreign policy. The Obama Administration has negotiated away every piece of leverage the US has used against the Iranian regime in exchange for more empty promises.

The Iranian regime is the largest state-sponsor of terrorism in the world, threatening the very existence of Israel on a daily basis. We cannot allow Iran to become a nuclear nation.

Show Congress you oppose his Iran deal and demand they block its passage.

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166 thoughts on “Tell Congress to Block the Iran Deal

    • Congress should be (have done) a lot of things. The list of ‘would have’, ‘should have’, ‘could have’ is far too extension for this comment section. Not to mention most would not read it………..AND WE ALL know most of what would be listed.

    • Yes, please let the Republicans take us into other war for Israel. You are forgetting the other countries that have signed this agreement, plus the IMF, EU, the World Bank and the UN. Tell me, how many soldiers from Israel were in Iraq? So far in my research the answer is none. Israel talked GW Bush into attacking Iraq for them, but didn’t fight beside us. There were some American Jews though.

      • @Thersa Israel is one country we can depend on! Obama has made us a laughing stock with many of our “friendly countries”.
        Too bad you libs don’t comprehend that Iran wants to take over our country.

      • There were some Isralies in Iraq; but they flew planes over the uranium enrichment facilities and blew them the heck up! But no, the Republicans did not go to war for Israel! Get your facts right before you rant.

      • Ms Jenkins, your truly deluded, aren’t you? From your very ignorant answer, I would say your a 100% certified Obamazoid living on welfare, Food Stamps, and most likely, posting with your Obama Phone, am I right? Pavement Apes are so easy to figure out, and those kind of apes can come in all colors.

      • @Theresa Jenkins you seem to have a lot of hate for Bush and Republicans. Please share what it is about Democrats that you like so much? What is that they have accomplished that has you so pro-democrat. I am very interested to “hear” what you have to say.

  1. If President Obama were a wise man he would want all the help he could get from Congress and former administration who have had to negotiate tough deals with difficult nations. But in this case his pride will prove the proverb to be true:
    Proverbs 16:18 Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.
    19 Better it is to be of an humble spirit with the lowly, than to divide the spoil with the proud.
    King James Version

    • So, you prefer war over diplomacy? You’re okay with what GW Bush did and the over 6,000 troops killed?
      You do know that Iran will get a nuclear weapon without this agreement? They will need some as a deterrent to Israels threats that they’ve been making for over 40 years. How do you think the IMF, UN, EU and the World Bank will feel? All of whom have signed off on the agreement. Are you being controlled by Israel too?

      • @Thresa You can’t deal with hatred and the desire to kill all Americans. Have you watched the videos on TV of the Iranians chanting kill Americans, we hate Americans?
        The young man that murdered our 5 brave military men in Tennessee had spent months in the middle east to including Yemen and Jordan.
        There are many more just like this murder in our country just waiting for our guard to be let down.
        Obama has damaged our strength and people like you don’t understand. You go to sleep at the wheel you will drive off the cliff!

      • Thresa, Iran cannot be trusted. You see what they did, buying 100 super air tankers from Russia. For what purpose ? You may think this potus is great but time will show him to be the worst President this country has known.

      • Don’t you read the bible oh wait your pro Osama so that’s a No. Iran wants to wipe america off the face of the earth and we are not controled by isreal we want to stand with them its ppl like you is what is wrong with this country

    • Don’t be stupid they are going to get the BOMB guess where they are going to send it. Death to AMERICA. Are u that ill informed?

    • You must be an airhead. Appease thy enemy and all will be ok. You are out of your mind for thinking that life means anything to these people. All they care about is fulfilling their prophecy to dominate the world.

  2. Our Congress may block this agreement, but they will be cutting us off from all the countries that signed off on it, plus the IMF, EU, World Bank, and the UN. Good luck with that.

    • And Obama has made 2 side deals with the UN that he will not divulge!! He is looking to increase his legacy as POTUS and he is open Pandora’s Box when it comes to Iran! Obama HAS NO QUALIFING EXPERIENCE TO MAKE THIS DEAL AND KERRY IS A JOKE!

      • Obama is only supporting his brotherhood as he has been doing since he took office. In my humble opinion, he needs to be prosecuted for TREASON.

      • Obama has no idea about money….but he’ll readily increase our national debt at every whim. 150 Billion to Iran for this deal, without adding anything for America (like releasing American prisoners held by Iran?)….no….We American’s don’t need this deal, nor do we need Obummer here in America – impeach him…

  3. This is bad for everyone except Iran. They get their Nukes, our money and keep supporting terrorism. What a deal.


  5. This deal if it goes through puts my grandchildren in a precarious position as they reach their teen years and some even younger would be facing nuclear weapons aimed at their world I say bad deal all the way around NO HELL NO .

    • He should but Obummer doesn’t give one rat’s butt about Israel. But be not easily swayed. If Israel is directly threatened by Iran; they will take their jets up and Bomb Iran’s facilities like they did in Iraq – a sneak attack! It’s worked for them in the past and it will in the future… Because in the end, God wins and Israel is God’s chosen people.

  6. Obama is destroying our country he don’t care how it’s done he don’t care about us he had no business making deals am saying no deal with iran its not right

  7. I personally denounce odumba as the president, it’s nothing to do with race, but the emptiness of his head!!

  8. To protect Iran from their enemies is nuts Isreal is our strongest alli how dare them to ever think of such garbage! I vote no a thousand times more!

  9. you have allowed a fake into our whitehouse , you have tied the hands of our military so we cannot win ,you have allowed moslems to infiltrate our government without a word , you have allowed the fake president to stuff obama care down our throats , you are about to let the moslem from within to broker a deal with our worst enemy that will allow them the bomb , do you not realize you live here to ? All the money in the world will not hide you , You will be found and exposed , Do the job you were sent there for !

  10. Please save our country! I am an American by choice and love this country. I see this country on a path of destruction – and that on purpose. If it would help I would beg of you to remember not just this generation, but the generations to follow. What kind of a world are we leaving them? Help to get us back to the land of the free!!!

  11. The purpose of negotiations is not unlike any other contest; score the most points. No victory can be gained by negotiating appeasement.

  12. We have so many low information folks who swallow whatever Obama says even though it is often a lie!

  13. Every time the trigger happy Republicans thump their chests, the result ends up great for Iran and terrible for the US. We have removed all of Iran’s natural enemies that previously kept it in check (such as Hussein and the Taliban) and created fertile soil for Iran by our mismanagement of the occupation of Iraq. We have ruined our own credibility in the middle east; the IAEA was exactly right about WMD, while the Republicans were exactly wrong. But the Republican chicken hawks still claim IAEA lacks the credibility to inspect Iran. Won’t you ever learn from your past mistakes? This country has paid a terrible price for your simple minded world view.

  14. Stop fraternizing with our enemies and take care of our allies. Kerry and Obama’s administration have it all backwards. Oh, and please tell the Obama’s to stop spending our hard earned tax dollars and giving it away like it grows on trees. Thank you, a hard working American Legal Citizen born and raised.

  15. Any country that threatens the United States & Israel should we ever try to deal with. Ben Raines said ” As long as you have one hand on a weapon to show you are willing to fight for Peace and die for it then you can have it. To have peace between two people BOTH of them have to want it. If only one person wan ts it then the other better have his WEAPONS ready for use & let the other person know that they will not surrender any of their freedom to the other person.

  16. I am not having any part of it, Omaha has and is putting we collectI’ve ly in more danger on a daily basis. I think that the US should be allowed to enterms Iran w/o notice to check on what they are up to. And no deal while the Khomeini chants,death to America! We should not ever give them money, and when Obama has this power hungry need to break our laws of the Constitution, he should never ever be making deals w/ Islamic terrorist Countries! Before he puts our lives and our children’s lives in more danger than they are, he needs to be stopped! Held accountable for Benghazi decreasing our military, look at were he has spent our SSI, and leave our hard earned money alone. It not there for him to use like his own ATM. He is corrupt, and must pay for his felonies!

  17. Islam cannot be entrusted with nuclear weapons capability….. Destroy Pakistan’s Nuclear Weapons, destroy Iran’s Nuclear Capability….

  18. This is a truly bonehead move that will forever change the Middle East and the world in general. The Iranians want nothing less than the annihilation of Israel and the destruction of the United States. Obama and Kerry are trying to hand that to them on a silver platter

  19. As long as Obama, with his adviser Valerie G. can keep that part the world under their thumb, they can keep Terrorism alive and well here in the U.S. and the rest of the world and ISIS will be able to avoid being wiped out, through illegal intelligence they receive from those two and John Kerry. Hillary was helping them and Kerry has simply picked up the torch and ran with it.

  20. I now understand that even if this deal doesn’t go through and it shouldn’t that Iran is going to get this money. How wrong is all of this!
    This “deal” has to be stopped!

    This is so wrong

  21. Now his legacy of lies, poor legislation, and worse international “deals” will be history. Worst President ever who obviously dislikes the USA

  22. NO TO IRAN DEAL.Why would we pay another country to blow us up really Washington??? What are you thinking???? This your children’s future you are playing with,,,

  23. Congress, we voted you in and we can vote you out if you don’t deny this DEAL and fast. Stop wasting time and letting more time slip by and let them continue on their same path as always.

  24. If this so called “deal” is approved, Kerry and Obama and everyone who votes to approve it should be arrested and tried for TREASON.

  25. Say NO to this horribly bad deal! We don’t make deals with people who don’t keep their word or people who shout death to America! Unbelievable that this is even being considered!

  26. This is a dangerous thing for the U.S. And as a voter I will not support any politician that votes for this treaty. I will be watching for the ones who do and my vote will be against them.

  27. Go see War Room and everyone will know how to defeat this treaty and Obama and anyone else that is betraying this country. God is still in control and still on his throne. Praise God.

  28. The current Administration would take the guns from good American citizens, so they can’t protect their families from criminals and then allow Iran to make nukes and threaten all of America with them!

  29. It’s time this country to says NO! what a stupid,stupid thing to do.What do you they would do with it. HINT; use it against the USA.

  30. I know my senator from Oregon said he will support I wish you would reconsider, this is not and I say again not a good deal.

  31. The Standley Laurel look alike needs to go back where he came from, it surely was not the USA !!! I can see Oliver Hardy hitting him with his hat and saying ” now look what a fine mess you got us in” !!!!!!!

  32. Do not allow this to go through. We will not forget a single Senator or Congressman that signs this deal with the devil in. You will be voted out, and you will answer to God Almighty. Stop Obama, and his evil agenda of destruction of America.

  33. Barack Hussain Obama’s presidential legacyhas been nothing but a screw up from the day he’s been in office… he’s tearing up America as we knew it before and needs to be prosecuted for treasonous acts for going over congressional law before letting known terrorists free from GETMO BAY… what happened to wanting to help make a real difference in the world on what you believe in and not whats popular??

  34. When did the Democratic party stop caring what their constituents want? Obama needs this deal for his own glory.Sadly it is going to blow up (pardon the pun) inhis face and he will go down as the single worst. POTUS ever.

  35. Obama will go down in history as the worse President America has ever had. He has turned poverty stricken into homeless, and has punished the poor of our great Nation. Now he is breaking U.S. Law by negotiating with known Terrorist. Has Obama been promised 41 Virgins in the afterlife for betraying his Country?

  36. The only good thing that will come out of Obama in office and his idiotic decisions is: He is making the Democratic Party look like a group of baffoons. Citizens of the US will not want another Democratic POTUS…. it just makes the Republican party more desirable… We will have a Republican President in 2017!!

  37. As a veteran, who has seen the results of hasty decisions, if the deal is struck down then the only option is the use of force. To all who oppose this deal, are you willing to go to war for our country, are you willing to send your children to fight for our country? Because once the Iranians see that no one is willing to talk to them, then they will have no choice but to go for broke and let the chips fall where they may. This outcome will put all Americans at risk worldwide and quite frankly start another World War. Decisions should be made logically and not emotionally.

  38. Tell congress they need to stand up and grow some… Tell obama NO IRAN DEAL -NO 153 TRILLION DOLLAR DEAL… WE DON’T NEED WORLD WAR 3….. TELL CONGRESS
    Obama needs to be IMPEACHED
    and it should have already been done… Obama you took an OATH to uphold the constitution of the
    Which contains (OUR) 2ND AMENDMENT… You don’t have the RIGHT or POWER to Re-WRITE WE THE PEOPLE (OUR) constitution..
    WE THE PEOPLE (OUR) 2ND AMENDMENT, We have the right to barr arms.. Declaring WAR from the (WE THE PEOPLE’S) White House with out CONGRESS appproval is ILLEGAL… Even if it is declaring WAR with 100 million AMERICAN PEOPLE… Obama WILL NOT like the results when WE THE PEOPLE MARCH TO WASHINGTON… Civil War is coming get ready America…
    This is (OUR) WE THE PEOPLE’S
    Constitution of the United States of America… leave it alone…
    This is (OUR) WE THE PEOPLE’S
    Surrender our right to bare arms… Leave it alone…
    Stay the HELL out of (OUR) WE THE PEOPLE SCHOOLS FROM PRE-SCHOOL TO COLLEGE… WE DO NOT WANT (OUR) WE THE PEOPLES CHILDREN, taught your MUSLIM radical brotherhood trash, garbage, rapists, child molesting, un-holly Quran, common core SHIT…
    In America we say God Bless you.
    In America we say the pledge of
    allegiance to the flag… And its said every say in our schools….
    WE THE PEOPLE, OUR a Proud and Brave Americans, We say God Bless America… WE THE PEOPLE,
    Wear both our flags and fly them both very Proudly… Deal with it and keep your filty heads off them…. WE THE PEOPLE have many traditions, We say Merry Christmas, Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Halloween, Happy Easter, Happy 4th of July and many others… Deal with it… WE THE PEOPLE have many heritage in many American familys. Like our confederate flag, we wear it, we fly it.. And many others….
    you must show ID and proff of Citizen ship… What you have done to Israel is disgusting, shame on you….
    Obama you went on Tv day and interfered with a FBI criminal investigation BENGHAZI cover up…. You have all so started a race war, and having alot of fun egging it on… Sham on you … you have set us back 100 yrs, you are a digrace….
    Hear in America, WE THE PEOPLE
    ARE VERY PROUD OF ALL OUR, troops, every part of our military branches, all our vet, all
    law enforcement, fire fighters, and all that have fallen and didn’t make it home (God bless them all)… THANK YOU…
    Obama you are a disgrace, an embarrassment, Disgusting, radical pig, traitor, coward, you need to be Impeached, jailed.
    All asets frozen, you and your family should have repay all the American tax payer every penny back that you have stolen….

  39. We the people are fed up with his closed door executive orders that we do not have to follow for they are not laws.impeach the Muslim brotherhood an in jail him for treasonous acts against the US.

  40. It’s high time congress represent and vote as their constituents request. This administration has been the worst in history and we demand our congress push back. Please block the Iran deal which is bad for America and even worse for Israel!

  41. It’s way past time for these traitors to be impeached, arrested and jailed for their crimes against our country, what’s the hold up?

  42. Obama is indeed a traitor. He has sided with Iran since he was in office. We need a president who will uphold the constitution of the USA. Get rid of all the gutless representatives who allow him to destroy our country.

  43. They keep saying they wanna kill Christians and now Obama wants to give them the money to build the bombs to do it!!!!

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