Amtrak: Constantly Running Deficits but Considering Giving Free Rides to Writers

So fun, so free!  Amtrak is currently considering offering a writers’ residency program for writers seeking inspiration-inducing-solitude by traveling through the countryside on an Amtrak train.   Providing a “unique environment for creative thought,” the program will be free to boot.  Exciting, right?  The folks at the Huffington Post think so:

Thanks to novelist Alexander Chee — who recently expressed his wish to see Amtrak begin a writer’s residency — the railroad service is about to offer exactly that, thus exciting writers everywhere.

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Congressman Lamborn: Standing Up For Conservative Principles

Congressman Doug Lamborn (R-CO) has been fighting hard in Washington on behalf of taxpayers and our children and grandchildren. Recently, he signed onto a letter urging the Subcommittee on Energy and Water Development to cut spending  for the Department of Energy’s “Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy” programs.

Cutting this funding will impact a laboratory in Congressman Lamborn’s state. However, continuing to fund research that could easily be done in the private sector reeks of big-government favoritism. The Congressman’s position actually has taxpayer’s wallets in mind.

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