Obama’s Sneakiest Syria Maneuver

The Washington Post headline said it all: Congress may pass Obama’s Syria proposal — without technically voting on it.

The Post explained:

“[I]n their bid to win support for the Syrian rebel training, White House officials have asked congressional leaders to include the measure on a temporary government funding bill … In other words: Under the scenario that Obama favors, there is no standalone vote on the Syria proposal itself — it would just be written into the bigger bill.”

Even Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) 12%, an enthusiastic supporter of the President’s overall Syria strategy, called the legislative process outlined above the “sneakiest of all maneuvers.”

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Obama on Syria, Confident or Rash?

Days after an August 21 chemical weapons attack by the Syrian government on its own people, the Obama administration prepared to conduct missile strikes on Syria.  According to numerous reports, President Obama subsequently decided to seek congressional approval for that course of military action (sub. req’d).  After meeting with key congressional leaders Tuesday, President Obama states he is confident that Congress will approve military action against Syria, at least that is how Politico spins it:

This is not Iraq and this is not Afghanistan.  This is a limited, proportional step that will send a clear message not only to the Assad regime but also to other countries that may be interested in testing some of these international norms, that there are consequences.

While the President may maintain this perspective, the U.S. may not be able to calibrate said consequences as carefully as he suggests; in fact the exact opposite may be true.  The Heritage Foundation explains:

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