Pentagon on Budget Cuts: Forces Will Assume Substantial Additional Risks

One of the great privileges of being American is the protection and security afforded us by our men and women in the military, arguably the finest military ever assembled. Examples of unrest in other countries around the world abound in the news, and history is replete with examples of nations unable to protect their sovereignty and integrity because they were unprepared or too weak militarily. Presumably, the Pentagon has taken current threats to the U.S. into account and has learned from the past to determine the needs of our military today.

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Morning Action: Internet Sales Tax Is Just a Bad Idea

IST.  Heritage explains that though the Senate rushed the internet sales tax bill through, the House will have more time to deliberate about this harmful bill:

For someone running—or thinking about starting—a small online business, trying to deal with tax codes for all of the states that charge sales tax is a huge deterrent.

Yet the Senate rushed this bill through. Americans for Tax Reform’s Grover Norquist said the rush itself was one of the reasons the Internet sales tax made it this far.

“It’s only passing the Senate because they took it out of regular order,” he said. “Why did they want to rush it through without amendments? Why did they do that? Because if people looked at it too long, it wouldn’t pass easily.”

The House is going to consider the bill through the normal committee channels, giving Members more time to review it and ask questions.

This also allows time for more facts to enter the debate and misconceptions to be exposed. 

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Morning Action: The Internet Sales Tax Will Cause Harm

IST. Today at 11 a.m. ET, Heritage’s Google + Hangout will cover the topic of the internet sales tax.  Businessman and owner of Peace Frogs, Catesby Jones, will discuss in concrete terms how his business will be adversely affected by the internet sales tax:

“This is pure and simple a special interests bill,”Jones told the Daily Press in Hampton Roads, VA. “Let’s say I have to hire one or two people to handle the paperwork. That’s a huge percentage of my sales. This is going to be a huge barrier to entry for new businesses. They’re not going to be able to afford to deal with it. This is solely to benefit the large corporations.”

Of course, small businesses like Peace Frogs won’t be the only ones impacted. Consumers could soon be paying a whole lot more for products purchased online. The bill, which is anything but fair, would force retailers to act as tax collectors for states in which they have no voice. The tax hike on consumers could total billions of dollars annually.

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Morning Action: Leftist Failures in Healthcare, Immigration, and the Economy

IMMIGRATION.  The Senate immigration bill has similarities to Obamacare that make it just as bad for America as the President’s healthcare law – it comes with extreme costs and false promises; unelected bureaucrats are given too much power; it’s full of perks for special interests; and it piles on already broken promises.   Heritage explains:

Congress rammed Obamacare through without many Members even reading the bill. Now it’s applying that same frantic, complex, pie-in-the-sky legislating to immigration. The similarities are frightening.  

SEQUESTER.  House Democrats are developing a plan to repeal the sequester entirely, rather than unraveling it with a series of targeted bills.  They want a comprehensive approach to repeal and cite concerns with what they consider to be vital domestic programs… like the failed Head Start program (sub. req’d):

“Cancer patients who are losing access to care, seniors who are losing Meals on Wheels, children who can’t go to Head Start, the 400,000 long-term unemployed in California whose benefits are being cut, low income mothers with newborns who are losing nutritional assistance — they need a fix for sequester, too,” [Barbara Lee (D-CA)] said.

The House’s top Democrats, including Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of California, Minority WhipSteny H. Hoyer of Maryland and Budget Committee ranking member Chris Van Hollen of Maryland, share that view. All three have been urging House Republicans to agree to a conference on the competing fiscal 2014 budget resolutions (H Con Res 25, S Con Res 8).

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Morning Action: Jim DeMint Explains What’s Wrong with Senate Immigration Bill

IMMIGRATION. Last night on “The Kudlow Report” Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint explained to host Larry Kudlow what’s wrong with the Gang of Eight’s immigration plan: “It’s unfair, it costs too much, and it’s going to make the problem worse.”

He explains that the bill is going to give legal status and eventual citizenship to those who came here unlawfully, and the rest of the components of the bill are just promises.

Then, he added, the only way to solve this problem is to fix our immigration system in a way that “works for Americans” before we try to deal with the problems that our system has created.

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