Heritage Action’s Week in Review 4-6-12

Congress may not have been in session this week, but that didn’t stop Heritage Action from making the news.

The New York Times wrote an article about the failure of the Simpson-Bowles budget last week in the House of Representatives, and our CEO, Michael Needham, was quoted:

“‘We wanted to unify Republicans around Ryan, handle the ‘Mediscare’ attacks from the left, and force the conversation to be between right and left,’ said Michael A. Needham, chief executive of Heritage Action. ‘Bowles-Simpson would muddy the message.’”

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Heritage Action’s Week in Review 4-2-12

A temporary extension of the highway bill, which passed last week, lead to a multitude of press mentions, citing our opposition to the current bill and our skepticism of the extension:

Roll Call: Heritage Action for America today repeated its warning against passing a transportation bill that is not fully paid for by the Highway Trust Fund.

“Rather than continuing a process of uncertainty that has become emblematic of everything Congress touches, lawmakers must begin the process of turning authority back to the states. Heritage Action remains opposed to any transportation measure that exceeds incoming revenues to the federal Highway Trust Fund,” Heritage Action for America CEO Michael Needham said.

However, Needham stopped short of outright opposing the 90-day extension, saying, “That said, if an extension does become law, Congress should use the brief reprieve to do transportation policy right.”

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Heritage Action’s Week in Review 3-23-12

We succeeded in delaying the expansion and extension of the Export-Import (ExIm) Bank when the Senate voted down an amendment to the House-passed JOBS Act. We continue to oppose this agency, which doles out corporate welfare at the expense of American companies and puts taxpayers at risk. Our opposition to this agency was detailed in several media outlets:

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Heritage Action’s Week in Review 3-16-12

This week began with votes on amendments to the Senate transportation bill. Our key votes were mentioned in press articles relating to the amendments, especially those dealing with energy subsidies:

National Journal (subs. req’d): Conservative and free-market groups are urging the Senate to vote no on both the Stabenow measure and the Burr-Menendez proposal for natural-gas-powered trucks. Even Burr, in a floor speech on Monday, acknowledged that he can’t win over colleagues who will be swayed by conservative groups like the Heritage Foundation and Americans for Prosperity.

The Hill: But the proposals have drawn heavy pushback from a number of conservative groups, such as Americans for Prosperity, Americans for Tax Reform, the Heritage Foundation and the Competitive Enterprise Institute, as well as chemical companies and other industries reliant on natural gas as a manufacturing feedstock.

The New American: The original bill and the amendment were supported by a raft of free-market advocates including Americans for Prosperity, Club for Growth, Heritage Action and the National Taxpayers Union.

Global Warming.org: And a number of groups, including Heritage Action, Americans for Prosperity, and Freedom Action, sent out action alerts to their activist members.

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Heritage Action’s Week in Review 3-9-12

It was another busy week for Heritage Action. We released a brand new video, “The Fight For Freedom,” and four amendment key votes to the Senate transportation bill. Our video was cross-posted at Florida Political Press and The B.S. Report, and our opposition to one particular amendment, which would insert the infamous and long-stalled NAT GAS Act into the transportation bill, has been picked up in the media as well:

The Hill: A suite of conservative groups including Americans for Prosperity, Heritage Action (an arm of the Heritage Foundation), the Competitive Enterprise Institute, Freedom Action and the Club for Growth oppose the tax credits, calling the proposal unneeded government meddling into energy markets.

The Hill: But groups influential in GOP circles including Heritage Action (an arm of the Heritage Foundation), the Club for Growth, Americans for Tax Reform and Americans for Prosperity have long been battling the natural-gas plan.

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