Rep. Suzan DelBene’s Husband, Kurt DelBene, Chosen to Fix

Good news!   The Obama administration just hired on former Microsoft executive Kurt DelBene, who coincidentally is also married to Rep. Suzan DelBene (D-WA) 9%, to fix

He’s certainly qualified for the task.  HHS Secreatry Kathleen said, “Kurt has proven expertise in heading large, complex technology teams and in product development.”

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Another Reason Hobby Lobby Should Be Exempt from HHS Mandate

The HHS anti-conscience mandate tramples on religious liberty, and all Americans have reason for concern, whether they are religious or not.  Our elected representatives have a serious responsibility to protect religious freedom, though all too often they are responsible for its deterioration.

The Heritage Foundation has made the case for exempting Hobby Lobby and other organizations from the HHS mandate on religious liberty grounds. The Heritage Foundation explains that employers do not forfeit their deeply held convictions and religious freedoms by going into business, and therefore, they should not be required to comply with the anti-conscience mandate under the threat of debilitating government fines.  The HHS anti-conscience mandate, which requires employers to provide coverage of abortion inducing drugs, is characteristic of the Obama administration’s “offensively narrow view of faith in public life,” and religious employers should be exempt. 

Heritage Foundation visiting legal fellow Evan Bernick has added a new argument to bolster the religious liberty argument — and it’s one that should resonate with secular viewpoints. 

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Mary Landrieu, “Fixing” Obamacare is a Nonstarter for Louisianans

Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) kicked off her reelection campaign with a TV ad boasting of her bill that would “fix” Obamacare, the “Keeping the Affordable Care Act Promise Act.”  But is this really something to be proud of?

She’s onto something: Americans are dissatisfied with Obamacare.  She’s probably read the polls recently, like the Gallup poll that indicates 52 percent of Americans want Congress to scale back or repeal Obamacare entirely.  Or perhaps she saw the poll this past August which showed 62 percent of Louisiana voters opposed Obamacare. 

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Obamacare’s Disappointing Doctor Diagnosis

Going to the doctor is a much better experience when you have a physician you trust, one with whom you’ve developed a long-standing, reliable relationship.

But Obamacare may make that relationship unaffordable for you, or at least more expensive.  Obamacare architect Ezekiel Emanuel weakly defended the President Obama’s claim that “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” under Obamacare on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, but he couldn’t do so without mincing words:

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Repeal of Obamacare: An Easy Sale at the Door

The news coverage of Obamacare has been anything but favorable lately.  Left leaning columnist Ezra Klein recently published an article entitled “Sorry Liberals, Obamacare’s problems go much deeper than the website.”  This is a stinging rebuke of a law that was once sold as the savior to those being crushed by rising health insurance costs.  The problems of Obamacare are not limited to failed attempts to sign up online.

Sixteen million people, have healthcare plans that are not grandfathered in under Obamacare, which means that they will ultimately lose their current health plans.

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