Entrepreneur Stands for Her Religious Freedom as Supreme Court Hears Hobby Lobby Case

As the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. case — brought by the Green family who own Hobby Lobby and the Hahn family who run Conestoga Wood Specialties — Tuesday, Americans concerned with religious freedom braved the snow to take a stand.  We had the opportunity to speak with Fiona Moodie, a small business owner and entrepreneur from Maryland who said she will be personally affected by the outcome of this case.

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Obamacare’s “Incompetent Intrusions” into Health Care

What if we could have a health care law that delivers higher health insurance premiums, higher deductibles, and less competitive insurance markets in exchange for increased waits, rationing for care, limited or no access, and poor quality of care?

You read that right.

What if the law also drove doctors and other health care professionals out of their practices?  What if it meant a growing shortage of health care personnel because of the many deterrents in current law for students to enter a medical profession?  

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Will Las Vegas Man’s $407K Obamacare Horror Story Get Harry Reid’s Attention?

In February, Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) 13% stood on the Senate floor and proclaimed “plenty of horror stories [are] being told” about Obamacare and “all of them are untrue.”

His constituent and Las Vegan Larry Basich probably disagrees.  Obamacare has left him in a terribly difficult position: he owes $407,ooo for a medical procuedure he thought his insurance plan would cover.  But thanks to glitches and a plan selecting error on the exchange, no carrier is claiming him.

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What are my choices, Mr. President?

The Obamacare defensive captains are getting tired. They have had to pedal one series of evasive talking points after another, all while holding fast to the administration’s implicit creed: The government is here to make things better.

From the beginning, conservative opposition has held that no problem in the American health care system was so grave that it warranted surrender of consumer control. The Obama team assured the public this was a mischaracterization. That the government sought only to refine and enhance health insurance prerogatives, never to render the industry an extension of centralized bureaucracy. Not to be pestered by objections, the Democrats were quick to condemn enemies of the Affordable Care Act for fear-mongering, misleading and standing against the uninsured.

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How Obamacare Pushes Low Income Americans Off the Ladder of Upward Mobility

According to new economic analysis by the Heritage Foundation’s Drew Gonshorowski, Obamacare will effectively push many low income Americans off the bottom of the economic ladder, thereby stunting their upward mobility.

According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), Obamacre lowers labor compensation by 1 percent annually between 2017 and 2024.  The Heritage Foundation illustrates how this will affect individuals at different income levels.

It is easy to observe that for lower incomes, Obamacare encourages people to work less, but that choice ultimately comes at a cost: further suppression of upward mobility and less economic flourishing.

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