The 4 W’s of Defunding Obamacare

Obamacare is a predictable failure because it is based on the idea that government manipulation and control of the health care system can improve outcomes for patients, reduce costs and increase choice.   It can’t, and it was only a matter of time before even Democratic support for the law began to erode.

The question is what Congress can do now given President Obama’s intransigence on the issue.  The answer is the total and complete defunding of Obamacare.  In Iowa, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) made the compelling case to do just that:

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Obama Wants to Reduce Earth’s Temperature By 0.08 Degrees… Really

President Obama’s recent speech on “climate change” indicated that there’s a lot he wants to do to prevent global warming.  But what is he willing to sacrifice to do so?  And – perhaps the more important question – will he get his desired results?  Remember, in life, there are tradeoffs.  A prudent politician should know this.  Heritage explains that his plan will harm American families.

In typical Obama fashion, the President tugged on our heartstrings as he started his speech with grandiose words about the Earth’s beauty.  He set the stage for us by presenting what is at stake, “beautiful; breathtaking; a glowing marble of blue oceans, and green forests, and brown mountains brushed with white clouds.”

All that beauty is what he’s set out to save, apparently.  Next came the threat.

Mr. Obama proceeded to up the intensity, relaying what scientists began to warn us in the 1950’s – you might want to hold your breath for this one – if carbon dioxide reaches a certain level, rising levels might someday “disrupt the fragile balance that makes our planet so hospitable.”  “[T]he levels of carbon pollution in our atmosphere have increased dramatically,” he added. 

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“Global Warming”: The “Biggest Challenge for Our Time” According to the Left

Today, President Obama gave a major address outlining the White House’s “sweeping initiative to counter the affects [sic] of global warming.”  This morning The Heritage Foundation’s Nick Loris debated Neera Tanden of the Center for American Progress about the actions the President has taken thus far and about cap-and-trade legislation.

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Commencement 2013: Anderson Hits the Bull’s Eye while Obama Misses the Mark

On May 4, 2013, Heritage’s Ryan T. Anderson delivered remarks as Regent University’s commencement ceremony as keynote speaker.  His words were inspiring, deeply philosophical, and deeply theological.  Anderson focused largely on love, truth, and responsibility.  He challenged the graduates to meditate upon these things, and then to live them out.

His words were so inspiring he was one of the Blaze’s 5 of the Best Conservative Commencement Speeches of 2013

Anderson said things about family and religion that would probably make another 2013 commencement speaker – President Obama – cringe.   On May 19, President Obama spoke to the graduates of Morehouse College where he too spoke about responsibilities.

But Anderson’s and Obama’s recommendations for how to live out those responsibilities are completely different.

Obama gave the graduates he addressed the following advice:

My job, as President, is to advocate for policies that generate more opportunity for everybody — policies that strengthen the middle class and give more people the chance to climb their way into the middle class.  Policies that create more good jobs and reduce poverty, and educate more children, and give more families the security of health care, and protect more of our children from the horrors of gun violence.  That’s my job.  Those are matters of public policy, and it is important for all of us — black, white and brown — to advocate for an America where everybody has got a fair shot in life.  Not just some.  Not just a few. 

But along with collective responsibilities, we have individual responsibilities…  As Morehouse Men, you now wield something even more powerful than the diploma you’re about to collect — and that’s the power of your example.

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President Obama Uses His “Economic” Plan to Divert Attention Away from IRS and Benghazi Scandals

When you think about what President Obama has done – and will continue to do to our economy – you have to laugh.  If you don’t laugh, you will cry really, really hard.

Cry Crying Economy Obama


Here’s why.  Heritage breaks it down in great detail.  

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