The @WhiteHouse is Pushing Amnesty on Twitter: Let’s Avoid an Obamacare Déjà Vu

The White House is pushing amnesty on Twitter today:

Here’s the Latinos OFA echo:

But many Americans are asking the same question Andrea Tantaros posed recently:

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The Harsh Realities of Obamacare

The headlines demonstrating the devastating impact of Obamacare continue to pile up.  The stories are starting to get old, and this is just the beginning.

Americans will begin to see the quality of care decrease, they’ll get fewer choices, and they may lose access to the doctors of their choice.

Amazingly, President Obama and the Obama Administration continue to cheer lead for the failed law. 

Have they read the headlines lately?

Alabama Family’s Premiums Skyrocketing By Nearly 300% Due To Obamacare
Woman Abandons Health Insurance Due To High Costs
Budget busting health insurance increases anger, trouble North Carolinians

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Shutdown, Obamacare, and Default

Washington is in the midst of a critical debate over the future of Obamacare – a debate so critical President Obama and Harry Reid were willing to shutdown the government for fear the debate would lead to the unraveling of their unworkable law.  At the same time, discussions about the debt limit are taking place.

The Heritage Foundation and other conservatives have explained that U.S. has much more tax revenue coming in on a daily basis than it has to pay each day on interest payments; this means the U.S. has the financial means to cover its debt obligations without incurring more debt.  Heritage notes:

The Obama Administration argues that failure to raise the debt limit would lead to a default on federal debts, causing unacceptable harm to the economy. But the President has ample discretion to prioritize debt payments and avoid default. The President has failed to address the more fundamental risk of default: unconstrained increases in entitlement spending.

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Is the Government Shutdown Really a “Win” for Democrats, Harmful for Republicans?

Articles in the National Journal, the Washington Examiner, and a poll released by Heritage Action in August all tell us something similar: Republicans will likely maintain their majority in the House of Representatives in the next election cycle.   Current polling data, some quality political analysis, and a look at the last government shutdown all help lead to that conclusion.

It’s safe to say President Obama and Senate Democrats were banking on America blaming Republicans for a government shutdown and consequently taking a hit in the next election cycle.  It appears their calculus was off by rather a lot, according to the National Journal:

A recent Bloomberg survey found that 40 percent blame the GOP for what’s wrong in Washington, while 38 percent blame the president and congressional Democrats. Back in February, Obama had a nine-point edge over Republicans and independents were evenly divided over who was responsible. Now, 42 percent of independents fault with Obama and his allies in Congress, while 34 percent blame Republicans on Capitol Hill.

The latest CNN poll found a similar trend, with the percentage who blame congressional Republicans for a government shutdown down five points and the percent who blame Obama up three points.

It’s beyond reason how the Left thinks it’s Republican’s fault that the government shut down, when Republicans passed several bills to fund the government but give Americans the same break from Obamacare being given to Mr. Obama’s cronies — especially when most Americans oppose Obamacare. 

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Sorry Leftists, #SorryIsntGoodEnough, Obamacare Needs to Go

The Obamacare exchanges are Tweeting their apologies today for the exchanges that already aren’t working.  #Sorry. Here’s the headline:

Obamacare exchanges tweet their apologies

Here are some other headlines highlighting the failure of Obamacare health care exchanges on day 1… and this is just the beginning.

Signing up for Obamacare: ‘This was totally disappointing.’

Videos: ObamaCare rollout performance … “lower than projected”

President Obama: Expect months of ‘glitches’

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