Morning Action: Tax Day

OBAMA TAX DAY.  It would be futile for the Left to try to deny how central so-called class warfare is to being President Obama.  That is what he ran on and won his presidential elections – pitting Americans against Americans.

For Obama, this spring’s fights over class represent both a political challenge and a definitional moment. His most consistent argument — that higher taxes on the well-to-do are the essential element in preserving popular government benefits to the middle-class and poor — is in tension with his most consistent promise, that his presidency will break Washington gridlock and elevate problem-solving over ideological purity.

However, President Obama’s policies have not helped the middle class, and it is untrue that only high income earners have seen their taxes increase during his time in office – the middle class has as well.   His tax hikes are harmful to the economy and to all classes of Americans. 

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