Activist of the Month: Feet to the Fire

This month we decided to highlight a grassroots organization that is changing Wake County for the better. Together Louis Stannard, Don Carr and Donna Yowell founded the activist group, Feet to the Fire shortly after the 2010 mid-term elections. Quick to gain a following, Feet to the Fire is now a focal point of North Carolina activism for more than 8,000 subscribers. Utilizing new media outreach and face to face meetings these patriots rally around a particular issue and hold North Carolina members accountable.

Donna introduced me to their efforts when I met her at the “Keep NC a Right to Work State” rally at the state capital. Quickly, our efforts became aligned. Now, Feet to the Fire is working with Heritage Action to combat the overregulation and out of control spending that entangles our federal government. Their commitment is making a difference!

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NC State Director Jessica Anderson Radio Interview

Heritage Action’s North Carolina State Director Jessica Anderson joins host Chad Adams of Wilmington, NC to discuss our local, state and national priorities and initiatives. Jessica and Chad also discuss the recent naming of local grassroots activist, Ginny Quaglia, as “Activist of the Month”.

MP3 link: Jessica Anderson radio interview .

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North Carolina Activist of the Month: Ginny Quaglia

About the author: Jessica Anderson is Heritage Action’s North Carolina State Director.

North Carolinian Ginny Quaglia understands grassroots activism. The Brunswick County resident first became involved as an activist in North Carolina when radio host Curtis Wright had his first “Tea Party” in April ‘09 on the banks of the Cape Fear River. Today, she is actively involved as an activist holding South Eastern NC elected officials accountable to the highest conservative standard.

I had the privilege to meet Ginny my first week on the job and caught up with the activist to ask her a few questions.

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