When K Street Lobbyists No Longer Have Connections in Congress

Some influential, well connected, well compensated lobbyists are scurrying to rebrand themselves as their former bosses on Capitol Hill leave Congress.  The truth is, even after members of Congress leave, many of their former staff-turned-lobbyists remain just as influential as ever.  That’s why conservatives call on the Republican Party to be a party of the people, not of K Street lobbyists, whose influence is more often than not, not in America’s best interest.

Holly Yeager of the Washington Post writes:

The retirement of several powerful members of Congress is being felt across the lobbying industry, in which former staffers who used their ties to the lawmakers to help build businesses are being forced to rebrand themselves or risk becoming irrelevant.  The impact is likely to be greatest among tax lobbyists, a K Street specialty that is rich with former aides to Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT), who this month gave up his post as chairman of the Senate Finance Committee to become the U.S. ambassador to China….

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Washington’s Revolving Door: The Bigs Get Bigger

Washington Post article pointed out President “Obama came into office promising that his administration would hew to higher standards than his predecessors did” when it came to the lucrative revolving door:

But the efforts have done little to slow a tide of groups hiring former top aides as highly paid consultants, speakers and media advisers in an effort to influence the administration — part of a longtime Washington practice in which interest groups seek access to the White House by hiring people who used to work there.

There has been a lot of focus on the movement of individuals and what it means for specific companies and industries, but there has been less focus on what it means for our system of governance.  The short answer is that as the revolving door spins, the bigs will only get bigger.  In other words, big business (or big labor, big education, etc) will play nice with big government and big government will play nice with them. 

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