Obama is Clearly Pro-Amnesty, But What About the House?

House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) told donors and industry groups this week he is “hellbent on getting this done”, in reference to tackling so-called immigration reform before the November elections.

According to the Wall Street Journal (sub. req’d), a spokesman for Boehner said that no action is possible this year until President Obama “proves himself a trustworthy partner to Republicans.”

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Shorter Obama: Why Won’t House Lawmakers Let Me Bully Them into Passing Senate Amnesty Bill?

A year ago yesterday, the Senate introduced the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act (S. 744).  Since then, the House has not taken up the legislation due to President Obama’s refusal to enforce federal laws — including current immigration laws — he deems unworthy of enforcement and his unilateral creation of laws Congress has not passed, not to mention the terrible policy in the bill.

Growing impatient, President Obama called House Majority Leader Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) Wednesday to ask House Republicans to hold a vote on the Senate-passed immigration overhaul, which would give amnesty to illegal immigrants.

House Republicans “seemingly [prefer] the status quo of a broken immigration system over meaningful reform”, the President said in a statement. “Meaningful reform” is, in this instance, a loaded term.

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Use Dashboard to Keep the Pressure on the House to Put Amnesty on Ice

At last month’s House Republican retreat, GOP Leaders released a document laying out the “standards” for immigration reform. That plan, disguised as immigration reform, laid the groundwork for mass amnesty.

While House GOP leaders appear to be wavering on their plans, thanks to conservatives like you who spoke out against amnesty, political pressure to proceed is still potent as ever. Any proposed legislation will undoubtedly provide a vehicle for conference negotiations between the House and Senate on a larger amnesty package.

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When is the Right Time for Amnesty? Never.

When House Republican leaders released their “Immigration Standards” last week, analysis of the policy almost immediately gave way to a debate over timing: should the amnesty-first proposal be pushed heading into a midterm election or delayed until the presidential primary cycle?  Political strategists are asking the wrong question – bad policy is bad policy – but the decision will have major repercussions.  So, what are the so-called strategists thinking?  

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“Amnesty”: Let’s Define Our Terms

With the immigration reform debate heating up again on Capitol Hill, it’s essential politicians define terms accurately and truthfully for their constituents.  When politicians talk about “amnesty,” “legal status,” and “path to citizenship,” what do they mean?

Some have defined amnesty, narrowly, as granting an illegal immigrant immediate citizenship with the stroke of a pen. However, amnesty can come in many different forms, and often, it is a more gradual process.  In any form, it is unfair to those waiting patiently to come here legally, and it is unfair to current American citizens.  

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