Obama’s Empty Amnesty Pivot

Yesterday, President Obama officially tried to pivot away (again) from the failings of his signature legislative achievement – Obamacare.  This time, he attempted to score a few political points by renewing his push for immigration reform.  Of course, this is the same promise he’s made since 2009 and follows the same comprehensive approach he and his congressional allies took with Obamacare.

In the midst of soaring rhetoric, the obvious pitfalls are lost on the President.

Everybody knows that our current immigration system is broken.  Across the political spectrum, people understand that.  We’ve known it for years.

Now, the good news is, this year the Senate has already passed an immigration reform bill by a wide, bipartisan majority that addressed all of these issues.  It’s a bill that would continue to strengthen our borders.

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The @WhiteHouse is Pushing Amnesty on Twitter: Let’s Avoid an Obamacare Déjà Vu

The White House is pushing amnesty on Twitter today:

Here’s the Latinos OFA echo:

But many Americans are asking the same question Andrea Tantaros posed recently:

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Who Is George Soros, the Liberal Billionaire Funding “Conservative” Push for #Amnesty?

What if I told you a liberal philanthropist investor worth $20 billion wanted to do something to help conservatives after a lifetime of donating millions upon millions to progressive causes?  You would probably question his motives, or perhaps you would question just how conservative these alleged conservatives truly are.

The staunchly liberal billionaire to whom I am referring is George Soros, and according to reports, the Soros-funded National Immigration Forum (NIF) is planning a “fly-in” of so-called conservatives from across the country to pressure Republicans to pass an amnesty bill.  President Obama – strongly supported by George Soros when he was candidate Obama – recently asserted that he will push Congress to pass an amnesty bill before the year is out, so it’s not too surprising Soros’s money would be funneled toward this effort.

Overall, the Soros-funded Foundation to Promote an Open Society, has donated over $5 million to NIF.  In fact, Soros’s Open Society Institute is the largest single donor to the NIF, surpassing giving by the liberal , progressive foundations of FordCarnegie, and Rockefeller.

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From Obamacare to Amnesty, Obama’s Goals Threaten U.S. Economy

Congress just completed the first phase of a difficult but crucial battle against Obamacare.  This struggle is yet unfinished, but conservatives will continue to fight against Obamacare because it will harm America as long as it remains law.  Obamacare is a fiscal nightmare for our country, which is already saddled with $17 trillion of debt.  But leftist policy ideas that threaten the economy don’t stop there.  The next big battle will be to prevent amnesty, the vehicle for which may be the Senate’s Gang of 8 bill.

Under the Affordable Care Act, entitlement spending will increase massively, growing our nation’s debt; entitlement spending is already a massive source of our debt in America which will only be exacerbated by the Affordable Care Act.  And if the nearly 12 million illegal immigrants in the United States are granted amnesty, they will become eligible for entitlements as well.  This cost will be a massive burden to the U.S. economy and the American taxpayers. 

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Amnesty Supporter: Real Immigration Reform Doesn’t Have To Include Amnesty

Comprehensive immigration reform is still a priority for the House this year, at least according to Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers.  Nearly everyone agrees that the current legal immigration system is burdensome and expensive, and in dire need of reform.  Unfortunately, President Obama and others insist that amnesty (definition here) must be part of any reform of the legal immigration system.  Fortunately, there is a sign that President Obama’s insistence on amnesty does not extend to every proponent of amnesty.

Alfonso Aguilar is the executive director of the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles and a former chief of the U.S. Office of Citizenship under President George W. Bush.  He is also a prominent supporter of a so-called path to citizenship.  Recently, he conceded that amnesty need not be included in legislation to achieve real reform of the legal immigration system.  

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