“Amnesty”: Let’s Define Our Terms

With the immigration reform debate heating up again on Capitol Hill, it’s essential politicians define terms accurately and truthfully for their constituents.  When politicians talk about “amnesty,” “legal status,” and “path to citizenship,” what do they mean?

Some have defined amnesty, narrowly, as granting an illegal immigrant immediate citizenship with the stroke of a pen. However, amnesty can come in many different forms, and often, it is a more gradual process.  In any form, it is unfair to those waiting patiently to come here legally, and it is unfair to current American citizens.  

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Call Your Representative and Oppose Passing Piecemeal Amnesty

Both Republicans and Democrats are currently discussing immigration reform, and many politicians on both sides of the aisle think it should be a major policy initiative in 2014.  Of course, President Obama, the liberals in Congress, and some Republicans think amnesty should be part of any immigration reform that is passed.

Now, the House Republican Conference is using their annual retreat to discuss policy initiatives for the year. They will discuss the “Gang of Eight” immigration bill, which would provide amnesty to an estimated 11 million people currently living in the country illegally.

Every Representative needs to hear from their constituents that amnesty is unfair to the 4.4 million patiently going through the immigration process.

Now is the time to call your Representative and oppose any attempt to pass an amnesty bill in 2014.

Call Your Representative Now

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A Budget Deal That Breaks Budget Control Act Caps is the Wrong Approach

House and Senate budget negotiators are nearing an agreement on a budget deal, but it may prove to be one that is not agreeable to conservatives or to the taxpayers footing the bill for out-of-control government spending.

The 2011 Budget Control Act (BCA), though imperfect, was effective in cutting discretionary spending, and a budget that breaks the caps set by it is unacceptable.  Yet, there is mounting pressure from appropriators to replace part of automatic spending cuts put in place by the BCA.  Meanwhile, many Democrats are seeking to reverse the sequester on their “favored domestic programs,” like transportation, housing and the ineffective Head Start program.

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Obama Pays Lip Service to Being a Nation of Laws During Amnesty Pitch

President Obama spoke Monday in support of so-called comprehensive immigration reform, which is D.C. code for an amnesty bill.  During his remarks, a young man in the crowd began yelling and telling the president to use his “power” to halt all deportations of illegal immigrants.

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Gene Sperling: Senate-Passed Amnesty Bill Would Reduce Long Term Deficit

The Left is pretty good at staying on message, which is what Gene Sperling, a top economic adviser to President Obama, did recently as he made a pitch for comprehensive immigration reform, arguing that it would reduce the deficit in the long term.  In fact, he called it one of the “most promising” things we could do to reduce the deficit.

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