Ted Cruz on the American Energy Renaissance Act and Achieving the American Dream

What is Congress doing to help or hinder Americans’ efforts to achieve the American Dream?

Americans want to restore jobs and economic growth, and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 94% contends allowing the energy sector to prosper without unnecessary government interference is an essential avenue to those goals.   Yet, he says, “in Harry Reid’s Senate, jobs and economic growth don’t even make it onto the agenda.”

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Coal: A More Desirable Christmas Gift Than You Think

Coal isn’t very popular around Christmas.  No one wants to be under threat of getting coal in their stocking from Santa.  But coal deserves a lot more credit than folks give it.  Understanding the importance of coal in our everyday lives allows us to see why it’s actually pretty desirable.

Think about the electric stove or microwave where you’re heating up some hot cocoa, or that pretty string of lights you have wrapped around your Christmas tree, or that fun new technological gadget you’re charging.  Coal is an important means of powering your life, because coal-fired power plants generate over 40 percent of America’s electricity.

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Untenable Renewable Fuel Standard Portends Oil’s Rise in Domestic Energy Market

Guest post by Daniel Smith, currently a Heritage Action intern. 

Two energy industries—one perennially vilified and the other persistently glorified—are currently hashing out their differences under the guise of an ongoing battle in Congress over pork barrel farm bills and food stamp spending.

Buoyed by a meteoric rise in supply, oil seems well positioned to outmaneuver the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and farmers’ unions supporting ethanol subsidies, as pressure to reform the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) continues to mount. Four months of bipartisan reviews conducted by Congress have created the impetus for the EPA to consider serious reform to the much maligned RFS.

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The Protecting States’ Rights to Promote American Energy Security Act (H.R. 2728) would help promote American jobs and energy creation by limiting the regulations from the Administration on hydraulic fracturing or “fracking,” a process used to extract oil and natural gas. The bill prohibits the Interior Department from enforcing federal hydraulic fracturing regulations in any state that already has regulations and recognizes states’ authority to regulate this type of activity.

The Heritage Foundation explains that fracking produces massive benefits and poses minimal risk. For example, they note that according to “a 2012 report from the economic consulting firm IHS Global Insight, unconventional shale oil and gas alone supports more than 1.7 million jobs, which is expected to increase to 3 million jobs as soon as 2020.” They add that “80 percent of new natural gas wells drilled domestically in the next decade will require fracking.”
H.R. 2728 would maintain the states’ ability to regulate fracking, which they have effectively done for decades, without burdensome, excessive, and costly federal regulation.

Use this form to email your Representative with the message that the Protecting States’ Rights to Promote American Energy Security Act should be supported:

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What Motivates the Left to Protect Everything But People?

The left’s vision for America has failed us.  All too often, the left puts the interests of special interest groups before the American people’s needs.  Such is quite obviously the case in the energy sector.  Lobbying groups and special interest groups in the green energy sector have a vested financial interest in seeing the decline of oil and gas production.  Liberal politicians bow to their demands, and often, to the demands of radical environmentalists.

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