Is, Marriage, an Institution from Time Immemorial, About to Be Changed?

Over the past decade, a debate has emerged about same-sex unions, whether those unions can truly be called marriage, and what the fallout of redefining marriage will be.  According to a recent poll, a majority of Americans now believe that the redefinition of marriage is “inevitable.”  Yet, another recent poll indicates most Americans support the Defense of Marriage Act, which is a federal law that defines marriage as the union of one man and one woman:

[T]he results of a new poll conducted by HuffPost/YouGov showing that 45% of Americans believe the Supreme Court should uphold the Defense of Marriage Act while only 41% believe it should be overturned.

So what do we make of the poll indicating a redefinition of marriage is “inevitable?”

As Heritage’s Ryan T. Anderson reminds us, nothing in history is “inevitable.”  The future will be affected by choices made today.  More importantly, there is no such thing as being on the right or wrong side of history; there is only being on the right or wrong side of truth.

Anderson has argued that “marriage is founded on the anthropological truth that men and women are different and complementary, the biological fact that the union of a man and woman also creates new life, and the social reality that children need a mom and a dad.”

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Remembering Ronald Reagan

Today is the 9th anniversary of the death of our 40th President.  Ronald Reagan, though modest and humble, was arguably one of the greatest United States presidents.   His legacy was so positive, his impact on America and the world so great, it would be impossible to forget this great leader.

A true conservative, he spoke persuasively against the growth of government, mindless bureaucracy, and the enormous power of the modern state.   He was a champion of individual excellence and personal freedom.   He was so skilled at verbally conveying conservative ideals, he earned the name of “Great Communicator.”

But he didn’t just make lofty statements about freedom and individual liberty.  If his successful record didn’t match his words, he would not be so highly esteemed today.  He fulfilled his promises and lived out his words through the decisions he made while he served in government.

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Conservative Opposition to Obama’s Progressive Policies is Working

Maybe I should just pack up and go home.  Golly. – President Barack Obama (April 30, 2013)

This was the President’s response when asked whether he still had the “juice” to get the rest of his agenda through this Congress.

If you were listening to the press conference, that flutter of hope that welled up within you was swiftly quelled when the president assured us that his remark was a joke.  He also quoted Mark Twain saying, “You know, rumors of my demise may be a little exaggerated at this point.”

He then went on to bash the Republican-controlled House and followed that up by listing off the things he’s “confident” the government will be able to get done in his second term.

Would that he would pack up and go home.  But as the Hill reports, he’s no longer in the driver’s seat:

Now, constrained by a House Republican majority that rejects his agenda, the president was left Tuesday to explain why his reelection victory hasn’t translated into legislative success.

Fielding questions from reporters for just the third time this year, Obama lashed out at the GOP — and House Republicans in particular — for resisting his proposals while conceding that his efforts to channel public pressure against Congress have come up short.

“I cannot force Republicans to embrace those common-sense solutions. I can urge them to. I can put pressure on them. I can, you know, rally the American people around those common-sense solutions. But ultimately they, themselves, are going to have to say ‘we want to do the right thing.’”

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Can’t make ‘em see the light? Make ‘em feel the heat

When Congress is in session, chances are, you can find your average “underperforming” Member of Congress chumming it up with their colleagues.  While Americans are struggling to make house payments, keep their businesses afloat, pay off student debt, and raise a family, politicians are enjoying the perks that come with being in federal office.

Granted, there are a few who are standing on conservative principles, and if you are curious who they are, look at the Overall Results page on our scorecard.

If your Member does not have a blue Sentinel badge next to his/her percentage, be sure to ask why not.

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The Power of Active Networks

Members of Congress, take note: Sentinels are a vast, knowledgeable network of patriots who are willing to engage on the issues in their communities.

The Sentinel Program has already been influential and will only become more powerful as we expand.  The combined strength of Heritage Actions grassroots network and government relations team makes the Sentinel Program unlike any other.  Sentinels spend countless hours learning about the issues so that they can get through Hill staffers.   They have unabashed desire to see conservatives get the country back on track, and that is what fuels their fire.

What Angelo Codevilla calls the “ruling class,” is what we want to see stamped out. If you haven’t read Codevillas The Ruling Class, I would highly recommend it.  Special interest driven politics, ear marks, compromising on our principles – that is what makes the ruling class.  Politicians are driven by accepting favors, allowing political cronies to promise them the world.  Liberals may entice them to “work across the aisle,” which usually entails compromising on principle. 

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