Irresponsible: A Liberal Pot Calls Conservative Kettle Black

Rep. Michael Honda (D-CA) 14% opines that “our debt is on an unsustainable path.”  We agree! $17,000,000,000,000 is a number incomprehensible to the human mind.  But the 12 zeros should tell us something.  Ironically, Rep. Honda has, by his voting record and actions in Congress, proven himself a fiscal liability to our nation, contributing generously to our national debt.  We’re keeping count; he is a 5 percent on our scorecard, well below the abysmal Democrat average of 16 percent.  Yet, somehow, he finds himself in a position to lecture conservatives about responsibility, and fiscal responsibility at that.

Rep. Honda calls the events leading up to the government shutdown a “dysfunctional, irresponsible game of brinkmanship” and is apparently relieved that “cooler heads ultimately prevailed.”  Those “cooler heads” did indeed procure an 11th-hour deal which saved face politically.  But Congress accomplished nothing legislatively that would protect Americans from the ravages of Obamacare, and the hefty debt that will result from it in the coming years.  Recall, by 2013, just a decade from now, the U.S. will sink $250 billion into Obamacare annually, according to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office.  Fiscally responsible?  Not at all.  But I digress.

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Sentinel Story: Michelle, Living With Kidney Failure Under the Shadow of Obamacare

Living With An Illness and the Hazard of Obamacare

For the past three years, Michelle Moore has been on a waiting list for a kidney transplant.  She undergoes dialysis on a regular basis, just to stay alive in the interim.  Waking up, she often wonders how she’ll feel that day.  Some days, she doesn’t feel as well as she’d like.  But she keeps on going, living her life, and waiting patiently.

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The Federalist: This Shutdown Is Just Democracy At Work

Conventional wisdom in Washington is that our nation’s government was shut down by a group of uncompromising tea party extremists. While this is demonstrably untrue – the House of Representatives has now compromised on its position twice while Senate Democrats have refused to budge an inch – it masks a more important debate. That debate is over what type of democracy we want to live in: A real one or one on auto-pilot.

Official Washington regularly casts scorn on the “brinksmanship” that has characterized our nation’s fiscal debates for the last three years. There has been brinksmanship in recent years, but it’s only offensive if you wish to place our nation on perpetual cruise control.

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“We’re In This for the Founding Principles of the Country”

Heritage Action CEO Michael A. Needham had some very inspiring words for the American people on C-SPAN’s Newsmakers Sunday when asked why folks in America should support Heritage Action for America:

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What Conservative Activists Must Hear and Share About Marriage

The Heritage Foundation’s Ryan T. Anderson has debated, spoken, and written extensively on marriage.  Anderson recently made remarks about marriage – and life and liberty – at a banquet for the Alliance Defending Freedom.  One of his points was particularly important for conservative activists to hear:

I learned something from these experiences: that the argument for marriage hasn’t been heard and rejected; it simply hasn’t been heard. 

The experiences he was referencing were all the times and places that he’s been in a position to tell others the truth about marriage – from briefing members of Congress and their staffs to addressing the country on national television.

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