Energy Regulation

The growth of America’s energy sector has been one of the few bright spots in a lagging economy. But instead of allowing the industry to flourish, the federal government and its agencies, most notably the Environment Protection Agency (EPA), undermine the energy sector by regulating and confiscating land and enacting onerous rules with little regard to their impact on the economy and subsequent impact on the real estate community.


Regulatory-Energy Reform

Background: In the last few decades, innovative technologies dramatically expanded the amount of available oil reserves in the United States. U.S. natural gas reserves have…

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Unleash America’s Energy Resources

The U.S. economy added 151,000 jobs in the month of August, roughly 30,000 less than the 180,000 jobs many economists predicted. The unemployment rate was…


Obama shows what not to do on climate policy

By Nicolas Loris, Heritage Foundation Energy & Environmental Expert President Obama sets off for his final Asia trip as commander in chief this week, and…


Should the Federal Government Regulate Greenhouse Gases?

Heritage Action recently joined energy groups and other conservative organizations in sending a letter to Representative Evan Jenkins (R-WV) thanking him for introducing his latest…


House Passed Interior-EPA Spending Bill a Mixed Bag

Last Thursday, the House of Representatives passed a $32.1 billion Fiscal Year 2017 Interior-EPA spending bill (H.R. 5538) by a vote of 231 to 196.…


House Passes Legislation Expanding Consumer Choice in Flood Insurance Marketplace

On Thursday, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 2901 – Flood Insurance Market Parity and Modernization Act introduced by Representative Dennis Ross (R-FL). Passed by…


Senate Fails to Defund Waters of the U.S. Rule

Last week, the Senate failed to pass an amendment preventing the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) and the Army Corps of Engineers from using federal funds…


Congress considering energy bill that would expand federal ownership of private land

The U.S. Senate is set to debate and consider the Energy Policy Modernization Act of 2015 (S. 2012) over the next few months. One provision…

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