Conservative Policy Summit


Opportunity for All, Favoritism to None


Each year Congress must choose which bills to take up, which legislation to fight for and what is the best path forward to advance an agenda.

The Conservative Policy Summit is a time to remove the veil of secrecy and hear from the lawmakers themselves which issues they will confront, which legislation they will advance and how they will use their legislative authority.

The Conservative Policy Summit will connect the power of ideas with the strategies to execute on those ideas. We will examine the Heritage Action Opportunity for All agenda and discuss the legislative path forward for limited government, civil society and national defense. The summit will feature Senators and Representatives on specific issues they will be advocating in the upcoming legislative session.

This is your chance to be involved with the conservative strategy before it is on the nightly news, front page of the paper or the topic of national conversation. It will be a substantive conversation on the future of conservative policy the party and put forward a blueprint to take back make America great again.

Dates for the 2016 Conservative Policy Summit will be announced in December of 2015.

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