Since launching the activist dashboard site at two years ago, we have been impressed with the dedication of thousands of conservatives across the country. In our effort to improve the site, the time has come to replace our current activist dashboard. Successful companies never stop innovating and neither do we.

Thanks to your feedback and the continued advances in technology, we’ve learned a lot from running the current activist dashboard, and those lessons are turning into a new series of pages at our site and a new program for conservatives like you.

The new pages and the new program will help you, and conservatives like you, hold your Members of Congress accountable to conservative principles.


Introducing Your Accountability Dashboard

The biggest piece of feedback we heard from you about the old activist dashboard was: give me a way to coordinate with other people in my district. The new pages are built around that feature, along with solid information and discussion tools. Our site will be the online starting point to hold your Members of Congress accountable.

We’re creating a new dashboard for action at our website, which will be the same for everyone in a district or state. At a glance you’ll be able to:

  • See important details about your Member of Congress
  • Learn the latest on the important fights happening in Congress
  • Use tools to bring conservative pressure
  • Connect with other conservatives in your district and state

New Dashboard: live now at!


Are You a Sentinel?

The brand new Sentinel program will launch in May, but we want you to have a sneak peak. There are two types of Sentinels: Members of Congress that maintain a high score on our Legislative Scorecard and conservatives that do the hard work of holding Washington accountable.

We’re excited that many conservatives like you earned a substantial amount of points on our old site. Don’t worry: when the site goes away you won’t lose them! We’ll be rolling your points into the new Sentinel program.  There will be a variety of activities you need to complete to become a Sentinel, one area will be online activities, and your current points will help qualify you in that area.

We’ll have more on this exciting program as we launch it over the next few months. In the meantime, if you have questions post them in the comments at the end of this page or send us an email.

Sentinel Program: Coming Soon!


The Place for Discussions:

The amount of conversation on our old activism dashboard was impressive. We enjoyed the free-ranging discussion thread below the to-do list. We encourage you to continue having that discussion on our blog. Our communications team posts several times a day and we welcome you to use the comments area to discuss what’s important to you. There will also be discussion threads for each district and state on the new activist dashboard pages.

We’re about to roll out some cool badges and status symbols for the most active commenters on our blog. So get started now and you’ll be at the top of the charts when they’re launched!

Discussions on happening now!

31 thoughts on “New Tools for Conservative Accountability

  1. I am looking forward to using the new changes on HAFA. I have met a lot of new friends on this site and I hope to continue to work with them, and other patriots in keeping our elected representatives accountable.

      • Yes, I believe I will. Had a good talk about our Senators and Congressmen at our GOP Mass Precinct Meeting last month with many there. Many believe it is time to end the career politician’s jobs and bring in new people with strong conservative values.

  2. This is good!
    What about that traitor Boehner’s “It’s good enough for me.” now that Obama’s birth certificate and the Selective Service card were declared forgeries by an official law enforcement? Anyone knows of anything towards this side of things?

    • Trey,

      The new dashboard has fewer social elements, so friends and groups will disappear. By setting up dashboards for each district and state, you’ll be able to get to know people in your area (or an area you want to be active in).

      Recruits will be a function in the new Sentinel program for activists, but they won’t be the same recruits as in the current dashboard site. You will be encouraged to bring people into the program and receive some credit for the work they complete.


  3. Pleased to see continuous improvement. The action items seemed to hang up a lot in the past – hope this improves on new activist dashboard. As a national blogger, I do not have time to continually re-post items here and other places. If we could run our feed to our membership pages, others could see what we we up to. Will more on your changes be discussed at the Heritage Bloggers Briefing? Except for other required meetings, I try to make TBB as often as possible (online of course). Regards, Dr. Bill Smith (Ozark Guru), Editor, ARRA News Service and other sites and blogs.

    • Thanks, Bill. Our comments area may be a place for you to make some postings, especially to promote your important blog work. However we’re not planning a great deal of personalization in the new site. We’re interested in giving people inside news from Congress and the chance to take action. We’re leaving it to blog networks and social networks to provide personalized profile pages. The commenting account is also a chance to loop people in to your sites and other activity.

      As for an upcoming Blogger Briefing, that’s a great idea. Thank you!

  4. I, like many other patriots, look forward to the new service. We do need to be more vigilant in holding our elected representatives more accountable. To preserve and defend our Constitution, we must get the entrenched elites, both Republican and Democrat, out of office. This is Common Sense from the Heartland –

  5. Excited to hear about the new changes coming to Heritage Action after being out of the loop for the past few months due to health problems. I believe it is so important at this time to be able to be in touch with other conservatives in our own area and have a more effiecient way of contacting the representatives in our own state and holding them accountable.

    • We had a delay, Trey, because I wanted the new dashboard to include a live feed of the latest scores from our scorecard. That work is almost done and I expect it to be launched by the end of this week.

    • Mike,

      Sorry for the confusion we caused. We replaced the old site at with the new pages at The new dashboard has discussion threads and more information to help you hold your Members of Congress accountable. As outlined above, we pulled the plug on the old site about a month after launching the new site.

      Although we sent several emails announcing this change, I don’t think we sent one to you. I’m sorry for that.

      Please let me know if you have any questions as you start to use the new dashboard pages,


  6. At some point will we be able to view our actions on this new website? How do we make contact with other Sentinel members in our own districts or State? Thank You!

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