Why Regional Coordinators?

Heritage Action CEO Michael Needham explains why we have Regional Coordinators: “For too long, Washington has ignored the voices of concerned citizens, Heritage Action will ensure that lawmakers in Washington represent all Americans, not special interests.”

The work of repealing Obamacare, stopping runaway federal spending, and limiting over-regulation starts with conservative activists holding their Members of Congress accountable. Regional Coordinators recruit and organize those activists, positioning conservatives for policy victories.

Our South region covers Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, and Tennessee.

About Stephen Siao, South Regional Coordinator

Stephen is a life-long Tennessean from Nashville, graduating from Vanderbilt University. Stephen previously worked in Heritage Action’s DC office, served on the communications staff of The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, and completed a fellowship at the John Jay Institute. He has also led the fight for religious liberty and was twice elected state chairman of the Tennessee College Republicans, regularly representing his peers in the media and at conservative events and coalition meetings.

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Stephen Siao