Oppose Tax Dollars for Feminist Propaganda on the National Mall

For a number of years the National Women’s History Museum and its feminist advocates have been pushing for a physical location on the National Mall. H.R. 863 would establish a committee to study the creation of that location.

Honoring the the leadership of women throughout American history is a noble goal.  But conservatives are rightly concerned about using tax dollars to fund a museum for leftist ideology.

The women celebrated by federally commissioned feminist institutions are at least progressive, if not advocates of the “sexual liberation movement”. This movement glorifies the destruction human life, the destruction of the family unit, and general harm to the well being of women.  As the CEO of the Concerned Women for America said in an open letter to Congress:

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The Heritage Foundation’s Incredibly Telling New Ex-Im Bank Graphic

The Export-Import Bank’s problems and fundamental flaws abound.  Diane Katz, a research fellow in regulatory policy at the Heritage Foundation, has explained how the Bank is a channel for corporate welfare on the backs of taxpayers and how badly the Bank mismanages taxpayer resources.

If that was not enough to convince you that the Bank should not be reauthorized this fall, perhaps envisioning the unfriendly and hostile regimes that benefit from U.S. taxpayer money via the Ex-Im Bank will help.  Heritage made a graphic depicting just that:

Export-Import Bank Graphic Unfriendly Regimes

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Export-Import Bank’s Partisan Revolving Door

How do you convince skeptical congressional Republicans and their even more skeptical conservative constituents to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank in the fall?  The Ex-Im Bank has just made two new hires, who they think will make the task easier.

Without questioning their qualifications in communicating ideas, it’s notable that they are liberals whose roots are in party politics.  

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Leftist Feminist Propaganda on the National Mall?

Background: The National Women’s History Museum (NWHM) currently exists online “to raise awareness and honor women’s diverse experience and achievements.” For a number of years the museum and its vocal activists have been advocating for a physical location on the National Mall. H.R. 863 would establish a committee to study the creation of that location. The committee would make recommendations on the structure and governance of the site and explore fund-raising options. NWHM alleges that no taxpayer funds would be used to commission or construct the museum. While the idea of honoring the great female leaders of American History is noble and shared by all, many conservatives are concerned about the leftist ideological implications of this legislation.

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Weak on Russia

Every single Senate Democrat has some explaining to do on Russia:

Now, the very people who pushed New START during the reset are now pretending to be hard-liners on Russia. Sen. Mary Landrieu (D–La.) says, “Being sanctioned by President Putin is a badge of honor.” Sen. Mark Warner (D–Va.) claims to be “deeply concerned with Russia’s actions, which are in clear violation of existing treaties and agreements.” Perhaps most ironic is Shaheen, who now advocates sending “strong signal[s] to Russia that we do not accept their illegal disregard for international norms and agreements.”

All three voted in favor of New START, though, just as President Obama requested. Their tough talk in hindsight doesn’t do much to advance American foreign policy or keep Americans safe. It does, however, demonstrate why Americans are tired of Washington: politicians on both sides cover up weak action with bold talk.

At Heritage Action, we believe in accountability. Politicians may know how to say the right things at the most convenient times, but too few are willing to take the votes that matter or apologize for the mistakes they’ve made. It’s our job to draw attention to the inconsistency–and to remind Americans the next time some legislators try to push half-baked policies through Congress for the sake of bipartisan cooperation and progress.

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