Oppose Tax Dollars for Feminist Propaganda on the National Mall

For a number of years the National Women’s History Museum and its feminist advocates have been pushing for a physical location on the National Mall. H.R. 863 would establish a committee to study the creation of that location.

Honoring the the leadership of women throughout American history is a noble goal.  But conservatives are rightly concerned about using tax dollars to fund a museum for leftist ideology.

The women celebrated by federally commissioned feminist institutions are at least progressive, if not advocates of the “sexual liberation movement”. This movement glorifies the destruction human life, the destruction of the family unit, and general harm to the well being of women.  As the CEO of the Concerned Women for America said in an open letter to Congress:

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Share This Image & Spread the Word About #EndExIm

So what exactly does the Export-Import Bank do with your hard-earned money? Check out this money trail:

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This week, the Senate will vote on the Minimum Wage Fairness Act (S.2223), a bill that would increase the federally mandated minimum wage to an unprecedented $10.10 per hour (from $7.25) by early 2016.

The proposed increase in the minimum wage would harm the very same workers it is intended to help by discouraging employers from hiring new, entry-level workers. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office indicated in a February report the increase would result in the loss of 500,000 jobs.

In an already weak economy, this legislation, which is based on faulty arguments, would make it more difficult for Americans to find jobs that give them the skills necessary to climb the economic ladder.
Email your Senator using POPVOX to oppose S. 2223, the Minimum Wage Fairness Act.

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The Heritage Action Sentinel Program: In Their Own Words

Mary Ann McCarthy, Brian Bowman, Heather Cordasco, Dick Manasseri, Katie Spee, Gary Kubiak, Traci Chadbourne, Jim Duncan. Eight conservative activists. Eight defenders of freedom. Eight Sentinels.

Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down with each of these Sentinels, all from different areas and backgrounds. They all have one thing in common. They are deeply concerned about the direction of our country and are taking action get America back on the right track.

They are each conservative leaders in their communities, taking action through local tea party meetings, organizing town halls, spreading the conservative message, and holding their Members of Congress accountable.

Whether it is because of love of country, love of family, or a general desire to do something to make the country better for all Americans, these individuals take action. And they take that action using the tools and education provided by the Heritage Action Sentinel Program.

Please take a moment to hear their stories and how they have been helped by the Heritage Action Sentinel.

Watch as they tell the stories of their journeys with Sentinel and learn how to start you own.

Become a Sentinel

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Call Your Representative to See Where He or She Stands on Export-Import Bank

The charter for the Export-Import Bank will expire at the end of September, and a bipartisan coalition is already advocating for reauthorization. If not reauthorized, the Bank will be unable to offer new financing, effectively grinding it to a halt and preventing it from distributing subsidies to new constituencies.

Congress had the opportunity to end what has been called a “publicly subsidized piggy bank for large corporations” less than two years ago. Instead, Congress passed legislation to reauthorize and increase Ex-Im’s lending authority by 40 percent, from $100 billion to $140 billion, despite surprising opposition in the House and Senate.

As this fight heats up, it is important to know where your Representative stands on the issue. Calling your congressional office and asking whether or not he or she will oppose the reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank and reporting back what they say creates a feedback loop that will help conservatives win. Take action now by making the call.

Call Your Representative

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