The Best of the Forge


Mary Ann McCarthy, Brian Bowman, Heather Cordasco, Dick Manasseri, Katie Spee, Gary Kubiak, Traci Chadbourne, Jim Duncan. Eight conservative activists. Eight defenders of freedom. Eight Sentinels.

Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down with each of these Sentinels, all from different areas and backgrounds. They all have one thing in common. They are deeply concerned about the direction of our country and are taking action get America back on the right track.

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How to Resolve the Highway Trust Fund Fiasco for Good

As bland an issue as the federal Highway Trust Fund (HTF) may seem, the fact that it’s teetering on the edge of bankruptcy makes it a little spicier.  As President Obama put it earlier this year in St. Paul, Minnesota, “We could see construction projects stop in their tracks, machines sitting idle, workers off the job.”

He was echoed by Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA)Heritage ActionScorecardSen. Patty Murray0%Senate Democrat AverageSee Full Scorecard0%, Senate Budget Committee chairman, who said, “We’re already seeing some consequences from this crisis,” in reference to several Arkansas construction projects that have been put on hold.  Is there a light at the end of the tunnel for these transportation woes?

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Fact: Compromise Has Expanded Government

In my Foundry column this week, I argue progressives have seen too many successes over the last century for us to offer a timid response.  Conservatives have to start winning the argument with the American people, and that won’t be accomplished by continually compromising our principles:

“[C]onservatives make two simple claims: Most policies under debate are liberal, and Republican leaders sacrifice conservative principles when they compromise. History shows they are right on both counts.”

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Export Import Bank

Export-Import Bank Reauthorization (continued)

Economic Distortion. By subsidizing corporations that compete against U.S. companies, Ex-Im disadvantages elements of the domestic private sector. For instance, Ex-Im has enabled foreign carriers to purchase Boeing aircrafts at what amounts to a discount, allowing them to have lower fixed budget costs than their U.S. counterparts. Delta Air Lines sued Ex-Im, citing that the Bank helped foreign carriers such as Air India acquire aircrafts on favorable loan terms that Delta cannot find on the commercial market, making it harder for Delta to remain competitive.

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Kathleen Sebelius

Morning Action: Sebelius Resigns as HHS Secretary, Obama Set to Nominate Replacement

SEBELIUS.  Kathleen Sebelius has resigned Thursday from her position as Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS):

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has resigned, nine days after President Obama trumpeted the news that 7.1 million Americans had signed up for Obamacare by the first deadline despite a near-calamitous rollout of the health care law under her leadership.

Some White House watchers noted at the time that Sebelius did not join Obama at the podium as he celebrated the surge in enrollment under the Affordable Care Act, nor did he recognize his Cabinet secretary.

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