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Repeal of Obamacare: An Easy Sale at the Door

The news coverage of Obamacare has been anything but favorable lately.  Left leaning columnist Ezra Klein recently published an article entitled “Sorry Liberals, Obamacare’s problems go much deeper than the website.”  This is a stinging rebuke of a law that was once sold as the savior to those being crushed by rising health insurance costs.  The problems of Obamacare are not limited to failed attempts to sign up online.

Sixteen million people, have healthcare plans that are not grandfathered in under Obamacare, which means that they will ultimately lose their current health plans.

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August Recess is Over, Now Onto Accountability

Congress’ August recess is over, and Sentinels made it a success. When the Members of Congress wouldn’t host a town hall to hear from their constituents, Sentinels hosted their own.  When the Members of Congress did host a town hall, Sentinels were there, demanding an answer to the question: will you defund Obamacare?

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Sentinels in Action: Summer Slam to Stop Obamacare

This August we’re working to defund Obamacare. A group of North Carolina Sentinels are leading the charge in their state. They are implementing the plan outlined below. Contact them to join the effort in North Carolina, or replicate their efforts in your state.

We welcome Sentinels across the country to work with us and each other to defund Obamacare.

NC Sentinels: Summer Slam to Stop Obamacare

Republicans in Congress promised to stop Obamacare. It can be done. But it won’t be done unless we, the grassroots, demand it, as Senator Ted Cruz has said.  The Continuing Resolution will be voted on in September and is our last chance to stop this train wreck.

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HAFA Sentinels

August Recess: Why Sentinels Should Take Action

The month-long August Recess will enable Sentinels to hold Members of Congress accountable to conservative principles.

Senators and Representatives will be leaving Washington and headed back home to their respective states and districts from Saturday August, 3rd through Sunday September 8th.

With the farm bill in the House and the amnesty vote in the Senate, Members of Congress have been busy.  As our CEO Mike Needham said “Freedom is either advancing or recessing with every vote.”  This couldn’t have been more true with the farm bill and amnesty votes.  Whether Members of Congress were claiming faux spending cuts or undermining the rule of law, these two votes were revealing for who is actually upholding conservative principles and who is not.

As we steadily approach the August recess, here are two great examples of how activism from conservatives like you has influenced the debate in Washington and how you can keep the momentum going.

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Heritage Action Sentinel

Can’t make ‘em see the light? Make ‘em feel the heat

When Congress is in session, chances are, you can find your average “underperforming” Member of Congress chumming it up with their colleagues.  While Americans are struggling to make house payments, keep their businesses afloat, pay off student debt, and raise a family, politicians are enjoying the perks that come with being in federal office.

Granted, there are a few who are standing on conservative principles, and if you are curious who they are, look at the Overall Results page on our scorecard.

If your Member does not have a blue Sentinel badge next to his/her percentage, be sure to ask why not.

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