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Phantom “Savings” to Pay for Government-Created Problem

It happens a lot in Washington; it seems like almost every day now. First, government creates a problem, then they try to “solve” it using budget gimmickry.

In this instance, government created the Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) payment formula to determine how much physicians would be reimbursed for costs associated with treating Medicare patients. It was a budget gimmick designed to keep costs down on paper. However, cutting Medicare’s physician reimbursement would result in fewer doctors accepting Medicare patients, Congress routinely changes the law to halt the reimbursement cuts.

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Pres. Obama “Recycler-in-Chief” (part 1)

Last night, President Obama delivered his annual State of the Union address before a joint session of Congress. The speech (unsurprisingly) contained no little content and in fact read like the stringing together of MSNBC’s liberal “Lean Forward” commercials.  It came as no surprise that the speech contained no new ideas, but what is a little surprising is that it actually contained content from the previous State of the Union addresses, as the RNC points out in this video:

His speech was nothing but a laundry list of populist statements designed to get feel-good applause and repackage his Keynesian economic proposals. We’ll give him this; he wasn’t as viciously partisan as many suspected he’d be. Amongst the debunked myths he continues to peddle, a host of other fallacies and misstatements need to be exposed.

While talking about the troops overseas, President Obama discussed their teamwork:

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In Case you Missed It: Rep. Lamborn (R-CO) Chat

Last night, nearly 2,000 people joined our live State of the Union chat with Congressman Doug Lamborn (R-CO). Joining Rep. Lamborn was his wife and members of his congressional staff, along with several members of Heritage Action.

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1,000 Days Sans Budget

April 29, 2009: On this day, President Obama apologized for a plane ride photo-op that flew too low over New York Harbor and scared residents by invoking memories of September 11th; former Sen. Arlen Specter nailed his re-election coffin shut by opportunistically switching from the Republican party to the Democratic party; the first reported American swine flu death occurred in Texas; Jack Lohrke, a former NY Giants and Philadelphia Phillies player died; and actor Daniel Day-Lewis turned 52.

Oh yeah! It was also the last time that the United States Senate actually fulfilled its most basic and fundamental responsibility by passing a budget.

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